Visit the Macroplaza in Puerto Vallarta.

Visit the Macroplaza in Puerto Vallarta.

Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board
June 6 2014
Located just off busy Francisco Villa Avenue is the Macroplaza, a huge shopping and entertainment center in Puerto Vallarta.

The Macroplaza is anchored by Walmart and there is always a steady stream of people doing their weekly grocery shopping. But there is ample parking available and a cleaning service that will wash the exterior of your car while you shop for about $50 pesos.

Surrounding the Walmart are dozens of smaller shops including fabric stores, shoe stores, accessory shops, sporting equipment and apparel, electronics and furniture stores and clothing stores for men, women and children.

Anchoring the far side of the Macroplaza is the Cinemex movie theater with 8 screens and a variety of movie snacks available from the traditional to crepes, espresso coffee drinks and fresh deli sandwiches.

On the second floor of the Macroplaza in Puerto Vallarta, visitors will find a food court and an excellent children’s playground so the kids can burn off some energy.

The Macroplaza is more than just a shopping destination in Puerto Vallarta; it’s a whole day entertainment experience.

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