MEXORC and the San Diego-Puerto Vallarta Regatta return to this beautiful Port after six years

MEXORC and the San Diego-Puerto Vallarta Regatta return to this beautiful Port after six years

Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board
February 12 2014

Puerto Vallarta, the Greatness of Mexico by the Sea, is preparing to once again welcome the Mexican Ocean Racing Circuit (MEXORC). A world-class event, leader of American west coast ocean racing, a gathering that does justice to the tradition of the maritime sport that characterizes this destination.

Sailboats of great height, from 30 to 70 feet, will arrive from the port of San Diego, California and several ports in Mexico, to Puerto Vallarta, bringing together more than 500 sailors and their companions, who will enjoy the diverse tourist attractions.

The waters of Puerto Vallarta will be filled with sailing life from the Pacific Coast, mainly from the U.S. and Mexico, from March 23 to 29, with the Mexican Ocean Racing Circuit, a world-class event, which will return to this wonderful destination for all those who enjoy water sports.

The San Diego-Puerto Vallarta Regatta and MEXORC will join forces so their participants can enjoy the beaches, restaurants, culture, traditions, a unique jungle landscape fused with the sea, and an unending supply of activities and services that the greatness of Mexico by the Sea has to offer.

This great event will begin the day after the San Diego-Puerto Vallarta Regatta, which will last for a week. There will be six days of competition, with an intermission, a day of rest; a day of testing will consist of a long race or two short races in beautiful Banderas Bay. 

Guillermo Ohem, General Director of Puerto Vallarta’s Tourism and OCV Board commented: "We are very excited this great event is back in our beautiful harbor. Without any doubt, this shows the amount of effort that has been made in terms of growth in the infrastructure, facilities and promotion of the attractions of the area."

Puerto Vallarta has a wide range of hotels, with over 20,000 rooms in categories ranging from Luxury, Boutique; world-class restaurants; outdoor activities for those who enjoy water sports, from snorkeling and scuba diving to kayaking, waterskiing and surfing. 

MEXORC has positioned itself as one of the most important events in the world in the field of sailing on the west coast of the American continent.

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