Delight your Tastebuds at Vallarta Food Tours

Delight your Tastebuds at Vallarta Food Tours

Anahí Gazga
December 9 2013

To give you an idea of what you may enjoy at the "VALLARTA FOOD TOURS,"

we share our experience and give you some recommendations so you can greatly indulge your palate.

"Become a Local in 3 Hours"

This is one of the slogans of the tour, since its aim is for you to experience what the local Vallartan enjoys, for you get to know the locals’ favorite places, and that once you take this tour, you feel right at home here.

It all starts at the MOLE ROSA Restaurant, an excellent place to try some green, pink, or typical chocolate mole, with the distinction and quality that characterizes each one. We are sure you will fall in love with this place, as it is just a few steps from the beach in a very nice part of Puerto Vallarta.

If you do not yet know the history of the port, or how far the bay extends, allow Ricardo “Lobo” López (Local Foodie) to guide you. He will tell you everything in great detail, and through his stories will take you on a historic journey where you will discover things you did not know about this city, all from a local Vallartan’s perspective.

Upon entering the streets of the “Romantic Zone" you'll run across “Tacos El Cuñado," famous for their delicious carne asada and adobada tacos and quedadillas, which is a favorite of locals and visitors alike. Once you're there, do not forget to order toreado (roasted) chiles and grilled onions, which are an excellent complement to the tacos.

Since you have tried the main dishes, now it’s time to enjoy "Xocodiva Artisan" chocolates, loved by everyone who tries them because their meticulous preparation is designed to give you more than just a chocolate treat. They have received excellent reviews on TripAdvisor for the high quality of their products.

And if you really want to know what a Vallartan has the privilege to eat every morning, come to "Tacos Robles," a birria eatery that has been delighting its customers for over 20 years with its exquisite taste. They are known for their delicious tacos, wonderful consommés and salsas that complement their dishes in amazing ways.

But that's not all ... just waiting for you a little further down the street is "Cevicheria El Guero", where you can try fresh seafood in a ceviche tostada like no other, followed by some traditional jamaica juice.

If you made it to Cevichería El Guero , you’ll have reached the half-way point of the tour, and you still need to make it to “Los Cocos Cesar 's", the “La Gloria” tortillería, Gaby’s Restaurant, "Tuba de Concepcion’s” delicious drinks, and “Con Orgullo Azteca’s” candy store.

These are places that will surely open a different feeling to the food you eat, and will allow you to go deep into knowing the real food of Puerto Vallarta, "The Greatness of Mexico by the Sea."

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