Mascota a traditional town near Puerto Vallarta

Mascota a traditional town near Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board
July 22 2014

Located just a couple of hours drive from Puerto Vallarta, the beautiful town of Mascota offers a cool climate with red roofed old houses and cobblestone streets that lead you to estates and mansions built during the nineteenth century .

Mascota is in a valley surrounded by a vast forest of pines and oaks, inspiring romance as the perfect setting to sit in front of a fireplace with someone special, chatting, drinking a glass of wine and enjoying some snacks together.

The village offers hotels, inns, cafes and restaurants that will appeal to all visitors with a rich cultural mix of old traditions and the warmth of its residents.

Mascota is located in the mountainous region belonging to the majestic Sierra Madre Occidental and the Mascota and Ameca rivers invite long walks and picnics.

In the streets around the center of Mascot, you will find the Mascota Archaeological and Culture Museum which documents archeological findings including petroglyphs found around Mascota, Tomatlán and Talpa.

Just 20 minutes from Mascota is the Corrinchis Dam, a beautiful place where you can camp and enjoy water sports like boating, skiing and jet skiing. Don’t forget to bring your appetite because you will find a number of restaurants where you find freshly prepared seafood and other regional goodies typical of the area.

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