3rd. National Charro Championship Grand Prize 2014

The 3rd. National Charro Championship will be carried out from January 30th to February 2nd of 2014 in the Vallarta Arena.

In this event there will be the presence of 24 of the best teams of the country, including the last national champions, as well as the participation of seven escaramuzas. 

Check out the activities program of this National Charro Championship 2014 

Wednesday, January 29th

19:00  hours - Photography Expo "Me Gusta el Deporte Charro" by Dr. Antonio Pliego Jiménez ( Puerto Vallarta City Hall )

 20:30 hours - Mexican Traditions. Presentation of Xiutla Ballet and Mariachi Real de América, Singers and “Floreo de Soga” (The Malecon Arches)

Thursday, January 30 th

14:00  hours - Mass at “Hacienda Serena” Chapel

15:30  hours - Opening Ceremony

16:00  hours

1.- Rancho Agua Santa “B”, Jalisco
2.-Santo Cristo, Coahuila
3.- Charros de Nayarit, Nayarit
4.- Hacienda Tamariz, Puebla
- Escaramuza Las Nayaritas, Nayarit

19:30  hours

5.- Hacienda de Triana, Zacatecas
6.- Charros El Ayate de Comitán, Chiapas
7.- De charros.com, Nuevo León
8.- Hacienda Serena, Jalisco “Sede”

Friday, January 31st

12:00 hours

9.- Rancho Hennesy, California U.S.A
10.- San José del Valle, Nayarit
11.- Hacienda Triana, Jalisco
- Escaramuza El Trébol, Jalisco

16:00 hours

Presentation “Mariachi Navidad” from Mascota, Jalisco
12.-Rancho Las Cuatas, Nayarit
13.- Tres Potrillos, Jalisco
14.- Rancho Agua Santa, Jalisco
15.- Perla del Pacifico, B.C.
- Escaramuza Rancho Los Olivos, Jalisco

19:30 hours

- Pialadero de las Estrellas
- Escaramuza Tuitán, Zacatecas
- 3rd Pialadero National, Celebrating
XI Anniversary of Portal decharros.com

23:00 hours

- Traditional Maleconeada
( Starts: Rosita Hotel
Ends:Disco- Bar Roo)

Saturday, February 1st

11:00 hours

16.- Hacienda Tamariz CYM Puebla
17.-Rancho El Edén, Edo. de México
“ National Champions ”
18.- Tres Regalos, Quintana Roo
19.- Rancho El Pitayo, Querétaro
- Escaramuza Las Alteñitas, Jalisco

15:00 hours

20.- Tequila Don Roberto, Jalisco
21.- Rancho la Biznaga, Edo. de México
22.- Puente de Camotlán, Nayarit
23.- Valle de Saltillo, Coahuila
- Escaramuza Titular de Mexicali, B.C.

18:30 hours

24.- Regionales de La Villa “Oro”, D.F.
25.- Tamaulipecos, Tamaulipas
26.- Rancho El 50, Veracruz
- Escaramuza Herencia Charra, Ver.

22:30 hours - Julio Preciado and his band Perla del Pacífico

Sunday, February 2nd

10:30 hours - Mass at “Hacienda Serena” Chapel

12:00 hours

1st Grand Final Teams 4, 5 and 6
Band La Encantadora

16:00 hours

Presentation “Mariachi
Real de América”
2nd Grand Final Teams 1, 2 and 3
Escaramuza Finalist

19:00 hours - Awards Ceremony and Car Raffle

20:30 hours - The Revelation of the Horse Show with its Equestrian Spectacle, and his Band.

For more information please contact:

Carlos Sánchez Mariscal
Phone 331-332-6829

From January 30 2014 to February 2 2014
2 pm