Puerto Vallarta has established itself as a vibrant center of art creation, exhibition and promotion. An important contribution to the city´s art scene is Puerto Vallarta´s ArtWalk which this year will be held from October 30, 2013 through May 28, 2014. The participating galleries in Centro Historico offer works by important national and international artists. Remarkable paintings, exceptional sculptures, fine ceramics, blown glass and other types of noteworthly art are offered.

Participant Galleries

Galería Colectika
Galería Whitlow
Galería Córsica I
Galería Córsica II
Galería Pacífico
Galería Caballito de Mar
Galería Uno
The Loft Galería
Galería de Ollas
PV Santana

See Map Location of Participant Galleries

From October 30 2013 to May 28 2014
6 pm