Biblos Danza workshop “Tentacle Tribe dance Company"

Tentacle Tribe dance Company in Puerto Vallarta.

Elon and Emmanuelle, founders of Tentacle Tribe, have developed a unique approach to dance utilizing diverse philosophies of movement amongst a wide variety of techniques, during their years of experience as professional dancers (Cirque du Solei, Rubberbandance, B-boyIZM, Cirque Eloize).

This prestigious company will present its latest montage “Nobody Likes a Pixelated Squid”, and will also give the “Tentacle Tribe fusion workshop", in the Biblos Danza room at Los Mangos Library, where concepts of different urban styles will be explored, such as Popping and Breaking, from a contemporary point of view to expand our vocabulary focusing on the development of corporal and movement consciousness. We will explore the capacity of the human body to inhabit multiple planes in space through geometric figures. Knee pads, tennis shoes, caps recommended for protection.

Information 322 2254125 , 322 121 0522
Salón Biblos Danza
Biblioteca Los Mangos

From February 16 2015 to February 18 2015
11 am