Gourmet Festival

A world-class dining experience, it is held annually during the month of November in Puerto Vallarta and the Riviera Nayarit at participating hotels and restaurants.

Guest chefs from the international gourmet scene participate in the festival, enriching this great celebration of good food with their sensational art in contemporary cuisine.
The special attraction of the Gourmet Festival is the inspiration of working as a team, as the guest chefs, in conjunction with highly-awarded extraordinary culinary masters of local hotels and restaurants, lend a seal of the highest quality and creativity, making this event a unique experience where they surprise visitors with their latest trends, creations and secret recipes.
The 20th Gourmet Festival will be held November 13 to 23, where celebrated chefs from Mexico and from around the world will come together to delight the taste buds of all attendees.

For more information please visit  www.festivalgourmet.com

From November 13 2014 to November 23 2014