IV International Encounter of Poets and Art “Letras en la Mar” in Puerto Vallarta

The IV International Encounter of Poets and Art makes the beautiful Mexican city of Puerto Vallarta: have poetry take to the streets and that only the restatement of its cadence in various languages, rhythms and accents without borders be heard.

To recover in this way, one of Mexico’s most valuable cultural traditions that has been lost, with recitals and actions en masse that lend to the reuniting of people and the poetic word, linking it to the essence and image of the host country: Mexico. 

Letters in the Sea cooperates in the preservation of poetry, its dissemination and interpretation through an interactive showing, with the participation of poets from different countries. Uniting the world with its poetry and its various manifestations.

Poetry reading is a kind of ritual which impacts emotionally, generating alternative communication spaces where other possible identities loom within the imaginary permanent being, where reality acquires an unprecedented and at times disturbing scale. The experience of language taken to its extreme, brings the word back to us. 

Letters in the Sea generates a space to project poetic expression, adapting new opportunities in multimedia, with an impact on hundreds of people at the recitals seen in natural forums of romantic Vallarta, open and closed venues, college campuses and the Symphony of the Sea; a mass recital of poetry set to music, with great figures of contemporary poetry, having the sea itself as the background scenery.

Allow the coming-together of the creators of the international lyric and the Mexican poets and new generations, under the coordination of the committee Chair Hugo Gutiérrez Vega. Creators and organizers of this event, gather to perform the emotive and transcendental event, under the auspices of the University of Guadalajara, government agencies and the private sector, as well as embassies of the participating countries and foundations.

The program will consist of:

Three recitals open to the public in various places around the port, beginning on the Arches at the Malecón (official opening on May 8 at 8:00 p.m.)

A Tribute and delivery of the Letters in the Sea Award to the poet Emilio Coco for his outstanding international career. Participants include Javier Sicilia, Coral Bracho and Hugo Gutiérrez Vega. Venue: Cifuentes Auditorium at the Centro Universitario de la Costa University of Guadalajara.

All the children fit into a poem. Interactive poetry reading among children and poets, held at the Los Mangos Library.

One hundred graduates with the poets--live reading of poetry at the Puerto Vallarta Regional High School.

In another setting, a Film series will be screened in tribute to great poets of the world, at the Cuale Cultural Center, of the Vallarta Cultural Institute.

Poetic moonlight reading, out loud poetry by the seashore, including poets and students in a sharing of letters.

Exhibition of visual art.

Poetry workshop, with the poet Bernard Pozier from Quebec, at the Cuale Cultural Center.

The presentation of the Voices and Landscapes book under the authorship of the master Hugo Gutiérrez Vega, participating: Marco Antonio Cortés Guardado, Luis Alberto Navarro and the author. Presentation of the Letters in the Sea magazine, a memory of the 2013 encounter.

The Closure is called Symphony of the Sea, poetry set to music in seven voices, a recital dedicated to the mothers of the Port, on May 10, on the Fiestamericana Hotel Esplanade.

From May 7 2014 to May 10 2014