MEXORC 2014 Puerto Vallarta

Nowadays, the Puerto Vallarta Race and MEXORC work together so their almost 200 participants stay comfortably in town and join MEXORC. San Diego and Acapulco Yacht Clubs have had a great relationship for decades due to their annual race, the Challenge Cup.

Races are a week long beginning the day after Puerto Vallarta Race closure with a welcoming cocktail. MEXORC consists of six days of races with a day off in between.  A Racing day consists of one long regatta or two short ones; at the end of the day, sailors go to the marina to enjoy cocktails and snacks courtesy of the sponsors before heading to their favorite restaurants and clubs.  Puerto Vallarta waters are full of life with sailboats from 34’ to 80’.

Classes invited for MEXORC 2014:

  • Cruisers
  • CAPRIS 37´s
  • Fast 40´s
  • Farr 40
  • TP 52
  • Sleds 70
  • Multihulls

MEXORC has positioned itself as one of the most important events worldwide on the Sailing calendar of the west coast of the American Continent; for its 2014 event, it is expected to welcome around 50 vessels representing more than 500 visitors and competitors.

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From March 23 2014 to March 29 2014