Play “Equus”

Produced by the theater group Perro Bravo, the play "Equus" will premiere on February 4th at 8 p.m. at the Stages Theater on the corner of Basilio Badillo and Insurgentes, Col. Emiliano Zapata, on the upper floor.

Written by Peter Shaffer in 1973, “Equus” has played in London and New York with great success, and there is a film version as well. For its Puerto Vallarta version, in English, Alain Perreault (member and founder of Perro Bravo) has taken on the role of director, and the main roles are performed by Ron Spencer, César Bravo, Anthony St Martin, Ana Cecilia Espinoza and Samantha Dueñas.

“Equus” tells the story of a psychiatrist who is trying to treat a young man who has a pathological, sexual and religious fascination with horses. Treatment begins after Alan blinded six horses at the stables where he worked. We come to know the story of this young man, son of an obstinate father and a religious mother, through the psychiatrist. Upon exposing the reality behind Alan’s behaviour, the psychiatrist finds himself forced to confront his own demons.

The rest of the cast is made up of: Stephanie Wright Watts, Linda St. Martin, Juan Pablo Hernández, Michael James Murray, Alejandro Lamas, José de Santiago, Salvador Mascareñas, Gustavo Contreras, Max Albertos. The performances are Wednesday through Saturday, at 8 p.m. from February 4th through February 21st. There is also a matinee on February 14th at 2 p.m.

For further information about the play or to purchase tickets, call 222-1512 , or go to

From February 4 2015 to February 21 2015
8 pm