10th National Botanical Gardens

"The Ex Situ Conservation and it's inclusion with in situ conservation, two fundamental supports for the biologic diversity continuity of México"

The Vallarta Botanical Garden is celebrating National Botanical Gardens Day by offering a morning of complementary activities on July 2, 2015 beginning at 8am:

  • 8 am a 10 am - Guided birding and epiphyte discovery hike

    There's a hidden world up above our heads that few beyond the birds ever get to observe. In our tropical forest the upper reaches of the canopy can be filled with fascinating epiphytes (air plants) including orchids, bromeliads, ferns and even cacti! Learn about these plants through your binoculars in the early morning light and experience our avian fauna during their most active time of the day. Binoculars are available for rent if you don't have your own.

  • 10 am a 11 am - Orchid Care Workshop

    Whether getting into orchid care for the first time or just hoping to deepen the shade of green on your thumb, join us in repotting orchids and learn some tricks of the trade from our horticultural staff and volunteers.

  • 11 am a 11:45 am - Tour of the Vallarta Conservatory of Orchids and Native Plants

    Here's a great opportunity to learn more about the incredible collections of the Garden's most popular attraction. This facility was awarded the "Initiative of the Year" last fall at the conference Jardins San Limits (Gardens Without Limits) in Metz, France by an international panel of garden experts. But don't just take it from the experts - experience it yourself!

Event Cost: $ 80 Adults $ 20 Children

For more information, please contact:

Neil Gerlowski

Phone:  322 107 4600

Email: info@vbgardens.org

Website: http://www.vbgardens.org/

July 2 2015
Vallarta Botanical Garden