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A perfect destination for your vacation. You can enjoy a wide variety of family activities, outings, beaches and adventures that encourage family life. Children will have a blast; there’s fun and nightlife for the young, and if grandpa and grandma come along, they will find that Puerto Vallarta also offers a quiet and peaceful place to rest, with the facilities they need in order to have a good time and relax.

Puerto Vallarta offers lots of experiences in just one place. It is perfect for any kind of family vacation or to visit with friends.

Vacaciones Puerto Vallarta
Vacaciones Puerto Vallarta
Vacaciones Puerto Vallarta


Puerto Vallarta is the perfect scenery to experience a movie-like romance. Not for nothing has it been a destination chosen by many celebrities to come and spend a romantic getaway or even to celebrate their wedding. You and your loved one will enjoy beautiful beaches and the best sunsets that Mexico offers; a varied range of hotels, which go from world class hotels to tiny and picturesque boutique options; restaurants that usually have special assets and deals for couples; the particular charm of a romantic Mexican town with beautiful and exotic landscapes.

Puerto Vallarta Romantic Getaway
Escape Romántico Puerto Vallarta
Escape Romántico Puerto Vallarta
Romance Puerto Vallarta

Weddings &

Planning on proposing? There is no better scenery for it than romantic Puerto Vallarta. Organize the perfect surprise for your loved one and make Puerto Vallarta your best ally in making sure that your "I do" stays forever. Are you making plans for your wedding or your honeymoon and want it to become a dream-like event, set in beautiful and different locations. Here you will find experienced wedding planners that would gladly help you to achieve this dream no matter where in the world you are while organizing it. Great hotels, music, exotic flowers, world-class gastronomy, everything you need so your wedding or your honeymoon looks like a Hollywood movie event!

Puerto Vallarta Weddings
Puerto Vallarta Weddings

Business &

If you are all about business, Puerto Vallarta will make you win in every sense. You will find special category hotels and convention centers that lend themselves to all kinds of business events, conventions or even just the closing of a business deal, all within the beautiful scenery that a tourist destination like this can offer. Puerto Vallarta has full access to every means of communication, and you can count on all the assets you'll need for your event, at a very affordable price. The success of your business meeting is practically guaranteed!

Puerto Vallarta Business
Puerto Vallarta Business
Puerto Vallarta Business

& Beauty

If you are looking for a destination where you can forget about stress and give yourself a chance to restore, take care of yourself and your well being, Puerto Vallarta is the perfect resting-place for you. It could be from a simple sunbath or a pedicure, to the chance to pamper yourself at one of its world class spas, where you can enjoy top-notch beauty treatments while admiring the beauty of the beaches, the bright blue ocean, and gorgeous natural landscapes. With this scenario, it is only natural to come back home fully renovated.

Puerto Vallarta Wellness
Puerto Vallarta Wellness
Puerto Vallarta Wellness
Turismo Médico Puerto Vallarta


Top-notch hospitals and health equipment that meet the high standards that any other hospitals of their kind in the world meet can be found in Puerto Vallarta. With affordable prices or even deals that include transportation and lodging, experienced doctors and nurses will take good care of you just like they would at any other world-class hospital, with the added bonus that you would recover while enjoying, an ocean view.

Turismo Médico Puerto Vallarta
Turismo Médico Puerto Vallarta


For those who enjoy ecotourism, Puerto Vallarta offers many one-of-a-kind landscapes. It is surrounded by the Sierra Madre mountain range, which offers the particular lushness of a tropical mountain. Puerto Vallarta has rivers that flow along the coastline of Banderas Bay; it is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna; you can even find a humpback whale sanctuary! The biodiversity here is absolutely amazing, just perfect to delve deep into nature and its wonders.

Ecoturismo Puerto Vallarta
Ecoturismo Puerto Vallarta
Ecoturismo Puerto Vallarta


If adventure is what you are looking for, look no further! Puerto Vallarta is where adventure is born. Whether you like water sports and activities or exploring the many options that the Sierra Madre mountain range has in store, Puerto Vallarta has the right kind of adventure for those who seek more that just average fun.

Aventura Puerto Vallarta
Aventura Puerto Vallarta
Aventura Puerto Vallarta


Puerto Vallarta is the most popular gay destination you will find in Mexico and one of the best in the world as well. It encompasses the diversity, tolerance and open-mindedness of any cosmopolitan city, but with a Mexican touch. This is especially true in at the "Romantic Zone", which is found at the heart of Puerto Vallarta town, where you will find world class hotels and establishments for the gay community and the best options in terms of the entertainment and romance that you are looking for in a vacation.

Puerto Vallarta Gay Friendly
Puerto Vallarta Gay Friendly
Puerto Vallarta Gay Friendly

About Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is a very special destination due to its variety and contrasts. For starters, it offers different types of beaches, with many options for fun, relaxation and recreation. Surrounded by the Sierra Madre Mountains, it offers sights and activities related to ecotourism. It is small town, filled with tradition and history, yet at the same time it is cosmopolitan city with vibrant nightlife, world-class cuisine, and a flourishing venue for art and culture. Its proximity to quaint Mexican towns allows you to choose quick get-aways to explore places nearby. Puerto Vallarta is the place where everything happens.



Where culture flourishes, a place of inspiration for many artists and art and beauty lovers, with lots of galleries and festivals; the art is on the street for all to see. Puerto Vallarta is the cultural scene of the Pacific.



More than just sun, sand and sea, Puerto Vallarta is city, culture, sports, shopping, nightlife, adventure, business, and more. It is home to multiple events throughout the year, and tailored to all tastes.



Where you can enjoy the privilege of contact with nature, Puerto Vallarta is a natural sanctuary--rivers, rainforest, mountain, sea--an ecotourism paradise.



If you are into enjoying yourself, Vallarta’s cuisine is in a category of its own, from world-class restaurants to traditional Mexican food or seafood by the seashore. Your enjoyment is guaranteed.

Getting Around

Land at your destination. Puerto Vallarta has an international airport with more than 35 daily flights from major cities in Canada, the U.S., and Mexico.

Your arrival at port. Puerto Vallarta sees around 270 cruise ships come in every year, and this is a wonderful way to visit. Many private boats also come in, and the Maritime Terminal has all the necessary facilities for operations.

You can get here either way. Puerto Vallarta is connected to the rest of the country by the Guadalajara-Compostela-Vallarta Highway, which continues south to Manzanillo, and through the Guadalajara-Autlan-Vallarta Highway. You can also arrive by a road route known as “the pilgrim“ highway, a toll-free road through the Sierra Madre Occidental Mountains.

Los Angeles
San Francisco
New York
Dallas – Puerto Vallarta
Time: 2 hours, 28 minutes
Los Angeles – Puerto Vallarta
Time: 2 hours, 51 minutes
San Francisco – Puerto Vallarta
Time: 3 hours, 30 minutes
Seattle – Puerto Vallarta
Time: 4 hours, 41 minutes
New York – Puerto Vallarta
Time: 5 hours, 6 minutes
Washington – Puerto Vallarta
Time: 4 hours, 37 minutes
Calgary – Puerto Vallarta
Time: 4 hours, 49 minutes
Kelowna – Puerto Vallarta
Time: 4 hours, 50 minutes
Toronto – Puerto Vallarta
Time: 4 hours, 51 minutes
Vancouver – Puerto Vallarta
Time: 4 hours, 55 minutes
Guadalajara, Jalisco.
Tepic, Nayarit.
Cd. de México.
Querétaro, Querétaro.
León, Guanajuato.
Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes.
Guadalajara – Puerto Vallarta
Time: 4 hours
Tepic – Puerto Vallarta
Time: 2 hours
Cd. de México – Puerto Vallarta
Time: 8 hours
Querétaro – Puerto Vallarta
Time: 7 hours
León – Puerto Vallarta
Time: 6 hours
Aguascalientes – Puerto Vallarta
Time: 5 hours


Whatever your beach plan may be, you will find your perfect beach here. Whether you prefer to just lounge in the sun on a small solitary beach, if you prefer water sports and beaches with bigger waves, or whether you enjoy watching the sunset while dining facing the ocean, or simply hanging out with your family on the tranquil shore, you will find just the right beach for you. If you like them all, then plan to enjoy a different beach every day.


Where adventure is born, from beaches ideal for surfing and other water sports, including snorkeling, kayaking, and everything that will thrill you on the waves.


Socializing and good fun, with calm surf beaches and safety for family enjoyment, a variety of activities for all ages, surely everyone will be happy to return.


The stage is set to fall in love over and over again. Puerto Vallarta is known for providing the best sunsets in the Pacific, with its tranquil and secluded beaches, the perfect setting for a happy ending as a couple.

Basic Info

Due to its location, Puerto Vallarta is the ideal place to enjoy your vacations because of its subtropical climate. Located at the same latitude as the Hawaiian Islands, this heavenly tourist destination has more than 300 sunny days a year and an average temperature of 78°F. During the summer the rains cool things down generally in the afternoons and sometimes into the morning, which means you usually have the daytime for all your activities.


Temp. 78°F

Traditional Towns

If you like to add short get-aways to your vacations, an out-of-the-ordinary trip to one of Mexico’s magical towns is a fun idea. Each place has its own charm and activities that will complete your vacation experience.

Pueblos Mágicos
Sayulita &
San Pancho
& Mascota
El Tuito &
Talpa de Allende
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Shopping - Puerto Vallarta

Where to Stay

The array of lodging in Puerto Vallarta is extensive and varied: from the most practical and economical place to rest your head, to the most exquisite place, from a quaint boutique hotel downtown, to a special category hotel. As a couple, with friends or family, you will find the hotel you are seeking for your vacations.
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