Live it to believe it

You never know when the gentle sounds of the ocean and the music of the bells will seem to be aligned for you at that most special moment. Puerto Vallarta, live it to believe it.

Live it to believe it

The best vacation for everyone. You will find activities in Puerto Vallarta not only for couples but also geared to the entire family.

Live it to believe it

You never know where you are going to find that place on Earth where you realize your destiny is magically tied to the ocean. Puerto Vallarta, live it to believe it.

Live it to believe it

Enjoy the natural wonders, the excellent climate, the warmth of its inhabitants and the first class comforts that Puerto Vallarta offers you for your vacation.

Warm and multicultural icon
Warm and Multicultural

The fulfillment that comes from living in one of the most magical places in the world is what those living in Vallarta transmit to all visitors. A big smile radiating happiness is written on their faces. It is worth visiting Puerto Vallarta if only to feel and breathe in some of this joy.
This magic captured from so many red sunsets has enticed nationals as well as foreigners from all over the world to make this magical bay their home. This chemistry imbues Puerto Vallarta with a creative, open and fulfilled multi-culture.

Exotic surroundings icon
Exotic surroundings

Lush fig trees, colorful “papelillo trees” (paper bark trees), seasoned wild fig trees mysteriously anchored to the rocks with their foliage filled-treetops reaching towards the sky. Waves crashing against the crags spraying the unruffled iguanas posing placidly.
Every fold of the mountain heading south from Puerto Vallarta offers us almost deserted beaches of light colored sand and crystal blue water.
Sea-Mountain-Warm climate, makes up the perfect formula to meld with this magical place.

Traditional icon

Beauty lies within distinctive features. Vallarta has learned how to conserve its essence of long ago: a fishing town serving as a window to the sea for the miners in its mountains. There are few places that can even boast about the beauty of their roofs and Puerto Vallarta can do just that.
Cobblestone streets, red tile roofs, white-washed walls, bougainvilleas peeking out from a balcony, steep and winding streets speak to us of the beauty of imperfection, and above all, the deep rooted tradition of this town.

Exquisite icon

Fresh products, passion, creativity, multiculturalism, tradition, are all elements imbued in each of the dishes you are going to try.
It is not surprising to find banana bread served with frozen yogurt, a touch of pink peppercorns, raspberries and other berries; or a coconut breaded giant blue shrimp with mango sauce. Far from just following a global tendency, chefs of different nationalities living in Puerto Vallarta, have personalized the creations with the spirit, technique and flavors of their homeland, making use of the fresh products of this region.
Puerto Vallarta is a delight to the palate.

Romantic icon

From time immemorial, beautiful surroundings have been a magical ingredient for love. Nymphs inhabited springs, wild fields and flower-filled meadows. It would seem that the beauty of the bay, framed by mountains, bathed by a sea breeze under a dome lit up by the sunset could be a favorite place for the mythical creatures, who instill in us, mortals, the impulse to love.
There are no better surroundings to fall in love again, to propose, or to return to over and over, thus keeping the fire of love alive. Puerto Vallarta provides the perfect setting for walking hand in hand, as we take in the town’s picturesque corners, choosing a place for a candle light dinner under the stars, where we can lovingly gaze into each other’s eyes.

Artistic icon

Just as trees blossom in fertile soil, so does art; walking along the Malecon, taking in the magnificent sculptures, liberates the spirit and speaks to us of civilization. You will encounter an art gallery on almost every block where you can see original paintings and sculptures.
Along with art, this Bay also vibrates with music and dance; jazz, blues, flamenco dance, Mexican folkloric music and dance.
The spirit soars in Puerto Vallarta.

Diverse and friendly icon
Diverse and Friendly

Vallarta has become a receptive and warm place with a marvelous diversity of people, thanks in part to artistic life and foreigners, who have made this town their home.
  • Family

    There are a limitless number of tours, excursions and activities in Puerto Vallarta, whether you choose a stroll along the Malecon enjoying the sculptures or the sunset, or participating in a beach volleyball game or going on a “Swimming with Dolphins” tour. The fun never ends in this beautiful tourist destination. Without a doubt Puerto Vallarta is an ideal place to spend a family vacation. Read more White flecha
  • Couple

    Thanks to the beauty of its natural scenery and its various attractions, Puerto Vallarta is highly recommended for great times and wonderful experiences with that special someone. Whether asking for someone’s hand in marriage, enjoying a honeymoon, renewing vows, or just reviving romance, Puerto Vallarta is always an excellent choice for a romantic beach vacation, since it has a variety of activities and places to enjoy as a couple, which will assuredly leave very special memories for a lifetime. Read more White flecha
  • Group

    For those travelling with friends, as part of a group of students or as Spring breakers, Puerto Vallarta is the perfect place to forget exams and the cold winter for a while. Some of the activities that will certainly provide you with lifetime memories are an eco-tour adventure, dancing all night long at a nightclub or simply sunbathing at the beach with friends. Read more White flecha
  • Meetings and conventions

    If you are looking for just the right place to hold an event, convention, or business meeting, it doesn't get any better than Puerto Vallarta. From the word-class International Convention Center, to the quality hotels, and from the award-winning restaurants, to the wealth of down-time activities, Vallarta offers everything you need to stand out at your conference or to create the atmosphere to close that important business deal. Read more White flecha
  • Wellness & beauty

    More and more people are realizing the benefits of receiving quality medical attention where the level of care is excellent, the costs are reasonable, and the surroundings and attention during recovery make it easy to concentrate on getting well. Puerto Vallarta is top notch on all three counts, with several first class hospitals that feature the most modern equipment and a great variety of qualified doctors and nurses in all medical fields. Read more White flecha
Not to be missed activities during your visit to Puerto Vallarta
Become familiar with the variety of beaches that Puerto Vallarta offers from North to South
Indulge your palate with the delicious cuisine options of the area
Excitement, fun and adrenaline; Puerto Vallarta is the place to experience adventure
Explore flora and fauna of the region through pro-environmental conservation tourist activities
Puerto Vallarta’s pleasant weather and location makes it the ideal destination to engage in a variety of sports
Puerto Vallarta is a city that never sleeps, and for many it comes alive as the sun sets!
Puerto Vallarta, a true cultural and artistic paradise, is home to artists and lovers of culture from around the world
Are you looking for something from a boutique, or the perfect memento from your trip? Puerto Vallarta has a wide range of stores where you can shop
Discover other beautiful and attractive places located just a short distance from Puerto Vallarta

Weather icon

The location of Puerto Vallarta and its geographic characteristics make it the ideal place to enjoy an unforgettable beach vacation, thanks to its subtropical weather. Located on the same latitude as Hawaii this idyllic tourist destination has a similar climate with more than 300 days of sun a year and an average temperature of 25 degrees C. (77 degrees F.).

How to get icon
How to get to Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is located on the Western coast of the State of Jalisco, where the Sierra Madre Occidental mountains and the Bay of Banderas in the Pacific Ocean meet. The State of Nayarit is to its north, the Municipality of Cabo Corrientes is to its south and Talpa de Allende to the east, along with San Sebastian and Mascota.

Where to sleep icon

Having a range of all inclusive, European plan, family, adult only and LGBT friendly hotels, Puerto Vallarta offers more than 22 thousand rooms in all categories, prices and styles.

Where to eat icon

Chefs offer international cuisine or create flavors that come from a mixture of traditional regional or international ingredients using the latest techniques, sophisticated style and creativity. Another delicious option is the food sold at authentic Mexican home style or small establishments, or restaurants with a variety of seafood and delicious dishes located all over the city.

Local transport icon
Local Transportation

Distances between one place and another are relatively short in Puerto Vallarta. It is very easy to get around the city whether by taxi, car or public transportation.

Important info icon
Useful Information

Here is some useful information for your trip to Puerto Vallarta, including time zone, area codes, language, currency; tourist offices, bus terminals and airport addresses, and important phone numbers.

Comming events icon
Upcoming Events

There is always something happening in Puerto Vallarta! There are annual events such as the Art Walk, the National Charro Championship, the Wine Fest, the Half Marathon and Sports Race, the Bougainvillea Festival, Vallarta Cup, Restaurant Week, Day of the Death Festival, the International Gourmet Festival, the International Fishing Tournament, New Year’s Eve Celebrations, as well as many others.

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