Top Attractions in Puerto Vallarta


Soak up the Puerto Vallarta vibe on the Malecon, a bustling promenade lined with statues, shops and restaurants.  South of Puerto Vallarta, visit the iconic Los Arcos Marine Park, a natural rock formation rising from the sea.  Or take a stroll through the cobblestone streets of the Romantic Zone, which is known for its energetic atmosphere and vibrant nightlife.

Malecon Boardwalk

Puerto Vallarta’s vibrant Malecon has been the town’s spirit since its foundation. The iconic Malecon is peppered with sculptures by renowned artists, art and crafts galleries, shops and restaurants, and it is considered the meeting point par excellence.
Enjoy open-air performances and artistic expressions at Los Arcos amphitheater and all along its almost one kilometer boardwalk; pamper your palate at the local and international restaurants with amazing views of the Pacific, and admire the emblematic Puerto Vallarta sunsets in front row seats.
Once the sun goes down, this boardwalk that runs from at Hotel Rosita – the oldest hotel in town, founded in 1948 – all the way to the Cuale River, is filled with life and color at its many bars and clubs.

Puerto Vallarta malecon

Romantic Zone

The Romantic Zone of Puerto Vallarta, also known as Viejo Vallarta (Old Town) or Zona Romantica, is a treasure trove of charming streets, hidden gems and beautiful beaches.  The intimate atmosphere of the neighborhood sets the stage for unforgettable moments and intimate connections.

Marina Vallarta

Discover the charm of Marina Vallarta, where the nautical lifestyle meets a vibrant community to create a relaxed and exciting atmosphere.  Marina Vallarta promises an unforgettable experience for visitors of all interests, whether you're exploring the boardwalk, enjoying culinary delights, teeing off on the golf course or appreciating the artistic expressions.

Vallarta Botanical Gardens

The Sierra Madre mountain range has a generous diversity and tropical forests that make Puerto Vallarta an enchanting place way beyond its beaches.
The Vallarta Botanical Gardens welcomes you with a perfectly traced plan for you to explore its different sections: the Cactus Garden, with species of various forms and sizes; the Tropical Fruit Orchard with an amazing collection of oaks, wild palms and agave plants; and the Conservatory of Orchids and Native Plants, with almost 300 species native to Mexico – out of the 1000 found in the country.
When you finish visiting the greenhouses and gardens, you can walk deeper into the forest, cross the hanging bridge and admire the magnificent trees that inhabit the area.
Make sure to visit after your hike its souvenir shop, and nursery to get your favorite plants, as well as its renowned restaurant with amazing views of the Sierra Madre.

Botanical Garden in Puerto Vallarta

Cuale River Island

A big part of Puerto Vallarta’s cultural and artistic scene takes place in its Cultural Center, located at the eastern tip of the Cuale River Island. Events, art exhibitions, musical evenings, poetry and literature attract locals and visitors alike. 

The Cuale Cultural Center offers painting, sculpture, dance, drama, and music workshops, as well as free access to the Cuale Archaeological Museum, exhibiting the archaeological findings in the area and general information on Mesoamerican history and art.

Cuale River Island in Puerto Vallarta

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