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January 11, 2019

Charreria: part of Puerto Vallarta’s identity

Jalisco is the state where the “Charreria” is an iconic activity and commonly practiced as a sport. It is ruled by the Mexican Charreria Federation, an agency formed by more than 900 associations from all over Mexico and the United States, who applies regulations in order to settle competition rules at different levels, from friendly matches up to state, regional and national championships. 

Mexican Charros offer great shows where they test their skills floretting the rope and riding their horses, while dressed in elegant suits and hats adorned with gold and silver embroidery.

Puerto Vallarta is the venue for several important Charreria events that take place during February and March. The International Charro Championship, attended by the best teams from Mexico and the USA, as well as the National Charro Championship are a sample of these events where the attendees show their best arts and with different levels of difficulty.

 Also, on September 14th, a parade takes place to commemorate the Charro Day as part of the National Holidays. Attendees can enjoy the elegance of the Charros and the skirmish that convey grace and beauty of women riding with both legs towards the same side and wearing Adelita dresses. The Charreria is complemented with music, color and parties also known as Charreadas, where fans come together to live an exciting experience. 

If you want to enjoy good Charreria in Puerto Vallarta, we invite you to visit the events section of our website: Assist with your family and witness the sport that is part of the Mexican identity. We will wait for you!

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