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September 22, 2023

Embrace the Autumn Vibes in Puerto Vallarta! Top 5 Upcoming Events not to be Missed

As the leaves begin to change and the air gets a little cooler, Puerto Vallarta comes alive with a vibrant array of events, celebrations and fiestas.  This upcoming fall season is not to be missed. 

Here are the top 5 upcoming events in Puerto Vallarta to mark on your calendar, whether you're a local or a visitor.


  • Save the Date: Beginning October 25, every Wednesday from 6:00pm–10:00pm. 
  • Where At: The most renowned galleries in Downtown Puerto Vallarta.
  • Why to Attend: This has been one of the most anticipated events for art lovers in Puerto Vallarta for more than 20 years.  On the Art Walk Wednesdays, the participating galleries present exhibitions with the highlights of their respective catalogs.  Paintings, sculptures, ceramics, jewelry and photography by Mexican and international artists are exhibited.  On opening nights, the host galleries often offer a wine of honor and hors d'oeuvres, and the exhibiting artists get together.  The Art Walk in Downtown Puerto Vallarta is free and open to the public.
  • Why We love It: The close proximity of the 17 participating galleries allows you to create your own tour, so you can see as many exhibitions as you want in a single night.  For an unforgettable evening, be sure to reserve a table at one of the restaurants with ocean views in the Downtown area or in the Romantic Zone of Puerto Vallarta
  • More Information At: Puerto Vallarta Art Walk



  • Save the Date: November 1 and 2 
  • Where At: The Malecón and the Downtown area
  • Why to Attend: In recent years, Puerto Vallarta's Day of the Dead Festival has taken on a very special significance.  The “Friendliest City in the World” achieved the Guinness World Records distinction of “The World's Tallest Calavera Catrina" in 2022.  At some 75.5 feet high, the monumental Catrina became the artistic centerpiece of a celebration that included the placement of traditional altars of the dead near the Plaza de Armas Square, more than 80 giant “sugar skulls” decorated with various motifs along Puerto Vallarta's El Malecon, and a full program of cultural and artistic activities.  On October 31, to kick off the Mexican celebrations, hundreds of people of all ages gather on the Malecon—dressed as witches, ghouls, skeletons, and other pop culture characters—to celebrate Halloween Night. 
  • Why We Love It: You should pay a visit to the cemetery in Colonia 5 de Diciembre.  For two consecutive days, the cemetery turns into a family fiesta: while locals come to honor their dead, you can find a variety of street vendors outside in the surrounding area selling fresh cempasúchil (Marigold) flowers, flavorful antojitos mexicanos, calaveras de azúcar (small sugar skulls), pan de muerto (Mexican bread of the dead), and even live Mariachi music!



  • Save the Date: November 3–5
  • Where At: Puerto Vallarta and surrounding areas
  • Why to Attend: For the second year in a row, Puerto Vallarta is the only destination in all of Latin America to be the official host for the world's premier trail running series—the Ultra Trail Mont-Blanc UTMB® World Series.  This prestigious strength and endurance event brings together the best trail running races in the world.  They are held in exceptional locations and in contact with nature.  From 4.9 to 59 miles, the marathoners will run one of the four distances offered by Puerto Vallarta Mexico by UTMB®, from the Sierra Madre mountains through the jungle to the Pacific Ocean, a unique experience!  
  • Why We Love It: The awards ceremony, held in Puerto Vallarta's El Malecon boardwalk, for the world's best ultramarathoners in the following categories: Hikuri 59mi, Nakawé 30.4mi, Haramara 20.5mi, Ereno 12mi and Patasalada 4.9mi.
  • More Information At: Puerto Vallarta, México by UTMB.



  • Save the Date: November 9–19
  • Where At: 32 of Puerto Vallarta's and the Banderas Bay area's best restaurants
  • Why to Attend: Since 1995, the Festival Gourmet International has been Puerto Vallarta's greatest food and wine tradition.  This annual gathering brings together food lovers and gourmands with the most prestigious culinary masters from Mexico and around the world to share their most exquisite culinary creations.  The inauguration of the 28th annual gourmet festival promises an unforgettable evening at TierraLuna Gardens: a tasting menu of tapas created by chefs from over 30 participating restaurants and hotels, paired with selected wines, mixology, tequila and other distillates.  
  • Why We Love It: The warmth, passion, and hospitality which founding chefs Thierry Blouet, Heinz Reize, and Roland Menetrey—better known as the "Three Musketeers,"—brought to the event for nearly three decades. 
  • More Information At: Check out the official Festival Gourmet International website.  Don't forget to make your reservation in advance!



  • Save the Date: December 1–12
  • Where At: Juárez Street and Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish
  • Why to Attend: The pilgrimages in honor of the Virgin of Guadalupe gather thousands of believers during the first 12 days of December.  People take to the streets of Downtown Puerto Vallarta to show their faith and give thanks for the favors they have received throughout the year.  The program of the Fiestas Guadalupanas of Puerto Vallarta includes up to 400 processions.  In each of them, the contingents sing prayers and praises to the Virgin Mary.  The route begins at 31 de Octubre Street and continues along Juarez Street to the altar of Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish.  For their embodiment of the collective identity of the municipality, the Fiestas Guadalupanas of Puerto Vallarta were declared "Intangible Cultural Heritage of the State of Jalisco" in 2018.
  • Why We Love It: The midnight and early morning “Las Mañanitas” birthday song to the Virgin of Guadalupe on December 12, with live mariachi music.  Don't miss the Pilgrimage of the Favored.  This is the largest procession in the city, with up to 20,000 people participating.  On December 12, the Pilgrimage of the Favored begins in the morning and lasts for several hours.
  • More Information At: Check the Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish website for the pilgrimage calendar (in Spanish.)

These five events are an introduction for the fall activities in Puerto Vallarta.  There's something for everyone in Mexico's top beach destination, whether you're interested in food, art, culture, or just getting into the spirit of the season.  So mark your calendars.  Come immerse yourself in the magic of Puerto Vallarta this fall!

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