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August 26, 2021

Live the experience of releasing baby turtles in Puerto Vallarta

Summer in Puerto Vallarta is a very special time of year. Not only is it the perfect time to travel, but you can also be part of one of most magical natural encounters: releasing baby turtles to the sea.

Marine turtles arrive at Mexican beaches between August and December to lay their eggs, although you can sometimes spot turtles from the beginning of JulyPuerto Vallarta is nowadays one of the most important beaches in the world dedicated to the conservation of this beautiful species. Some of the sea species that visit this part of the Mexican Pacific are: Leatherback, Black, Hawksbill, and Olive Ridley, this last one being the most common.

Turtles releasing in Puerto Vallarta

Conservation efforts in Puerto Vallarta have up to date been successful, and we can happily say that the Olive Ridley Sea Turtle has been excluded from the list of endangered species, as every year about 2,500 nests are laid and approximately 150 thousand hatchlings are born and released.

Releasing baby turtles is an experience that you certainly must include in your bucket list when you visit Puerto Vallarta. Some hotels offer their guests to be part of the experience, but you can also visit the local turtle camps such as the Boca de Tomates Sea Turtle Camp or the Marine Turtle Protection Camp in Mayto, one of the largest camps in the state of Jalisco, 2 hours away from Puerto Vallarta.

In these camps, the nests are looked after until the eggs hatch, and they then organize a turtle release, where you along with your family, respectfully and responsibly, can join and witness how this amazing marine species finds their way into the ocean for the first time.

There are other ways that you can also get involved in this wonderful activity. One of them is volunteering in the protection efforts in the camp. Another is adopting a turtle nest before they are born. A great way of actively contributing to supporting the camps. The nest will bear your name if you wish, and, when the hatchlings are born, you are invited to their release. Sounds awesome right?

12 fun facts that you may not know about sea turtles

  1. They have been living in the ocean for about 210 million years.
  2. Mexico started protecting them in the 70s in 17 beaches where they lay their eggs, including Puerto Vallarta.
  3. Females return from 10 to 20 years later to the same beach they were released to deposit their eggs.
  4. Their favorite foods are: jellyfish, shrimp, crabs, and lobsters.
  5. They have an aerobic respiratory system, and their lungs have the capacity to go hundreds of feet deep. If they have to remain underwater due to a threat on the surface, they can mutate into anaerobic respiration.
  6. Males never touch solid ground.
  7. Each turtle lays around 100 eggs.
  8. 1 out of 1000 turtles survives and grows into an adult turtle.
  9. The ideal temperature for egg incubation is between 86°F(30°C) and 93°F(34°C).
  10. Their incubation period lasts around 6 weeks, and their natural predators during this time are coyotes, raccoons, and crabs.
  11. It is common to spot them at sunset or before sunrise, since the sand is cool and many of their predators sleep.
  12. When they reach the sea they swim in the surface for about 3 days, since their bodies stored fat during their incubation period and they naturally float. After this time, they can submerge and start their adventure in the depths of the sea.

turtles releasing in Puerto Vallarta

Releasing baby turtles is an activity you and your family will definitely love. It is a meaningful activity with a positive environmental impact, so you will not only enjoy it but also participate in responsible tourism. You will have the satisfaction of having contributed to the protection and preservation of these amazing animals, and it’ll be a heartwarming experience that you will remember forever.

Come and live this experience soon! We’ll be waiting for you!

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