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March 18, 2021

Puerto Vallarta according to your travel plan

Did you know there’s a tab called“Plan your Trip” on our website? This section will help you choose the best activities according to your travel style. From a family vacation so the little ones have the opportunity of swimming with wild dolphins to visiting the Magic Town of San Sebastian del Oeste, planning a romantic getaway with stunning sunsets that frame the perfect moment, or an adventure trip with friends with activities such as sky diving at more than 9,000 feet (3000m)!

Here’s a peek at what you can find in this section:

Family vacation

Puerto Vallarta is a favorite destination for families, wanna know why? Here you’ll find endless activities for all ages as well as for every family member. Visit ecotourism parks to spend some time in nature rushing down zip lines among the tree tops or hiking through the jungle till you reach beautiful streams to dip in.

Take a look at travel plans for family vacations.

Romantic getaway

Romantic getaway

Magical sunsets, the perfect weather, and stunning scenarios. All of these framing perfect moments to celebrate love. How about planning a romantic dinner or a trip on a yacht for sunset? You can even propose to your other half whilst descending on a parachute! Puerto Vallarta is a romance destination par excellence, as expressed by all the lovebirds that visit this enchanting destination year after year.

Take a look at travel plans for a romantic getaway.

Among friends

Among Friends

There is so much to do in Puerto Vallarta that a great idea is to visit with that select group of friends that go with you everywhere. Fun knows no limits in this beach town: days of sun and sand, adrenaline-filled tours and the opportunity of putting resistance and physical force to the test.

Take a look at travel plans for friends’ getaway.

Weekend getaway

Weekend getaway

Spending all weekend long just chilling, or, the complete opposite, recharging your batteries and having a blast: both options can be done in Puerto Vallarta. The Friendliest City in the World will be the perfect place to find your wellbeing, or unleash your vibrant lifestyle, the choice is yours.

Take a look at travel plans for a weekend getaway. 

Which plan will you go for?

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