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November 03, 2023

UTMB World Series Puerto Vallarta: Faster, Stronger, Better

For the second consecutive year, Puerto Vallarta will be the official venue of the most iconic trail running race in the world—the UTMB World Series.  From November 3 to 5, this cross-country race will bring more than 2,500 of the best domestic and international ultra-marathoners to Puerto Vallarta.

The Ultra-Trail Mont-Blanc, also known as the UTMB, is a mountain race that brings together the elite of the sport through the best natural foot races held in selected cities around the world.

As of 2023, Puerto Vallarta is the only destination in Mexico to host this iconic sporting event during the first week of November.


Puerto Vallarta México by UTMB will again showcase the best of “The Friendliest City in the World" and the region, with a course that will take competitors through mountain paths, rivers and canyons to the beautiful Banderas Bay.

Participants from over 45 countries will have the opportunity to enjoy some of Puerto Vallarta's most representative tourist attractions, such as the cobblestone streets of Historic Downtown, Cerro de la Cruz viewpoint and, of course, the Malecon.

This waterfront promenade and its distinctive collection of sculptures will coexist with elements alluding to the Festival de MuertosPuerto Vallarta 2023, including the traditional Altars of the Dead and the famous monumental Catrina, which will create an emotional moment for the closing of the trail running course.

Ultra Marathoners running the Puerto Vallarta Mexico by UTMB will have the opportunity to participate in the release of sea turtle hatchlings on the Malecon beach as a pre-start event.


There is no doubt that the course that will be run in the 2023 edition of the Puerto Vallarta Mexico by UTMB will be a physical and mental challenge for the runners who participate.  Much of the course crosses the mountains of the Sierra Madre Occidental, considered sacred by the Wixárika people, which inspired the design and names of each of the courses:

  • Hikuri (95 km); considered to be a master, they call him "The Wise Man."
  • Nakawé (49 km), is a name that means "Mother Water".
  • Haramara (33 km), means "Goddess of the Sea."
  • Ereno (20km), is a name that means "Sea Foam".
  • Pata Salada (8 km), this is the colloquial name for the people of Puerto Vallarta.

It is recommended that all participants take into account the high physical and mental demands that this competition entails, so it is essential that they take the necessary precautions.  Visit the official Puerto Vallarta Mexico by UTMB website for more information and limited registration.


The UTMB World Series is considered to be one of the 18 greatest sporting experiences in the world.  In the Americas, it is present in Virginia (United States), Quito (Ecuador), Parati (Brazil), Cordoba (Argentina) and in Puerto Vallarta, the official venue of Mexico.

Puerto Vallarta continues to be a reference destination in the sports tourism sector, thanks to a beautiful natural environment, where the true spirit of Mexico can be found, and a great infrastructure, allowing the city to be a perfect venue for top level events throughout the year.

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