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First International Sculptors Forum Puerto Vallarta 2017

Start : 11-13-2017
End : 11-25-2017

 Looking to open a permanente space to create large sized sculptures as well as opening the right exhibit spaces, the First Foro Internacional de Escultores Puerto Vallarta (International Sculptors Forum Puerto Vallarta) comes to the city this year.

The goal is to better quality of the city's landscape, making it more amicable and a source of aesthetical and cultural enjoyment for both its inhabitants and visitors.

The event will be curated by Kemal Tufan, a world class Turkish artist and 11 sculptors of international renowed will colaborate with the bachelor's in Arts from the University of Guadalajara. The chosen material for this edition is steel.

Some of the sculptures will be moved to squares, neighborhoods and other public spaces of Puerto Vallarta to resignificate the routine of those who live here while many more will be moved to different universities Campus

You can visit their site to get all the information and on this video.

International Sculptors Forum Puerto Vallarta 2017

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