For those of you who come with friends, groups of students and spring breakers, Puerto Vallarta is the perfect place to forget about exams and those cold winters. Sun-bathing on a beach, having an adventure on an eco-tour or dancing the night away in a night club are just some of the activities which we guarantee will give you memories that will last you a lifetime.

Puerto Vallarta is the ideal place to forget about exams and those cold winters.



Walk along the Art Walk, visiting the city’s art galleries, going for a spot of shopping, enjoying the urban artists shows which are on all along the Malecón, or take in the prehispanic show of the famous ritual, the “Voladores de Papantla” (The dance of the flyers).

Puerto Vallarta

A date for your palate

If what you like is enjoying and discovering new flavors, Puerto Vallarta has many ideal restaurants and bars on offer so that you can taste the local and international gastronomy as well as continue your after dinner conversations.

Puerto Vallarta


The night is young when in good company. Go out and discover the bars and entertainment facilities that Puerto Vallarta has on offer for you. Let the best atmospheres and the music make your night. Walk along the streets. You will find many options to have a great night with your group!

Puerto Vallarta

Nature lovers

Adventure calls. Get to know the beautiful landscapes and discover what Puerto Vallarta has to offer you in its hidden beaches, nature spots and tours around the Banderas Bay. You can take a boat at Marina Vallarta, the Maritime Terminal or even at Los Muertos Pier. Get ready to explore the wonders of Puerto Vallarta!