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January 26, 2021

15 signs that you need a trip to the beach

We all know that spending a couple of days by the beach is always necessary, and even our body craves it, but sometimes in the daily hustle n’ bustle we ignore some symptoms that tell us that it’s time to take a few days off and visit a paradise such as Puerto Vallarta

Below are 15 of the most common symptoms to measure your degree of beach impetus – also known as beach necessitus – with our beach-o-meter

  1. You follow more accounts from travel influencers than your friends on Instagram.
  1. You spend hours looking at the snapshots from your last trip to the beach.
  1. 90% of your chats are centered on your next vacations.
  1. You’re in a constant bad mood and just think about the beach, the sea, and the breeze.
  1. While you try to focus on your work, the image of a palm tree swaying in the wind crosses your mind.
  1. Without any apparent motive you start checking out beach packages.
  1. You keep looking at bathing suit sales and new designs.
  1. You go to a fast-food restaurant and feel like ordering a fresh shrimp cocktail or grilled fish.
  1. You count grains of sand instead of sheep when you go to bed.
  1. You dream with the boogeyman, and you just feel like boogying.
  1. When you get to your bed you make a diving position.
  1. You have an excessive amount of exotic plants in your bedroom.
  1. You see yourself in the mirror and see your ghost-colored skin.
  1. You get to work and find out you are wearing sandals instead of shoes.
  1. You set your alarm earlier to not miss your flight.

Ok, let’s now look at your level of beach necessitus depending on the amount of symptoms you’re experiencing.



1-3 The travelling mosquito has been roaming for a few weeks now. Beware, because if it stings you’ll quickly move onto the next stage.

Watch out!

4-8 You deserve a prize for your discipline and self-control. All the responsibilities at work and at home have kept you off your travel plans. If you follow this path most likely in no more than two months you’ll finally be preparing your bags for paradise. See you there!


9 -12 You have been very patient to not just run away to the beach, thanks to meditation, yoga, aromatherapy, and feng-shui, but we recommend that you don’t take that long and plan that trip you’ve been postponing.

Mega urgent

13-15 Your beach impetus is at the brink of collapse. Check out the flights and offers that you’ve been constantly receiving right this moment and book now! And while you’re at it, take a look at the special offers in Puerto Vallarta.

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