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January 26, 2021

9 things you can do in Puerto Vallarta for free

When travelling, we tend to think that every activity we’ll do and unforgettable experiences we’ll live will have an impact in our pockets. But that is not always the case, and that’s why we want to share with you 9 things you can do for $0.00 pesos during your next trip to Puerto Vallarta.

1. Stroll through the Malecon

Stroll through the Malecon in Puerto Vallarta

One of the favorite activities for locals and visitors alike is to stroll through the iconic Malecon. In it you’ll find restaurants, bars, clubs, clothing and jewelry boutiques, souvenirs, food stands, street artists’ performances, all of it accompanied by a refreshing ocean view.

2. Visit the Cerro de la Cruz Lookout

Visit the Cerro de la Cruz Lookout in Puerto Vallarta

The Cerro de la Cruz Lookout is a very special and super accessible place, just a few minutes from the Malecon. The walk can be a bit demanding for some, since it is uphill and with many steps along the way. But once you’re there, the struggle is rewarded with a majestic view of the whole bay and the mountains that embrace Puerto Vallarta. it is recommended to wear comfortable shoes and bring water to stay hydrated.

3. Hikes along the mountains that lead to different beaches

Hikes along the mountains that lead to different beaches of Puerto Vallarta

Thanks to its privileged location, one of the main natural attractions found in Puerto Vallarta is to explore the different paths along the mountains that lead to virgin beaches or amazing waterfalls. The majority are of easy access and well known to the local community; it is also recommended to wear comfortable shoes and to stay hydrated.

4. Stroll along the Marina Vallarta boardwalk

Stroll along the Marina Vallarta boardwalk

The Marina Vallarta boardwalk is a welcoming and friendly place where you can find many restaurants that offer various gourmet delights and stores with clothing and accessories. It is an ideal place to stroll, with gorgeous views of its pier, the iconic lighthouse, and the luxurious yachts, surrounded by the exclusiveness of this residential area.

5. Visit Los Muertos Beach and Pier

Visit Los Muertos Beach and Pier in Puerto Vallarta

Los Muertos Beach is an iconic spot in Puerto Vallarta, located in the Romantic Zone, where its famous pier is found. An interesting mix between the traditional and the new tendencies in the destination can be lived here. There are various gourmet restaurants, traditional fondas, bars, and shops, with the Pacific as a backdrop.

6. Gringo Gulch

Gringo Gulch zone in Puerto Vallarta

Known as being the place where one of the most famous 20th Century love stories took place (between Liz Taylor and Richard Burton), the Gringo Gulch is a residential area located in historic downtown Puerto Vallarta, north of the Cuale River. Fernando “Freddy” Romero developed the area in the fifties, and, unlike the architectonic tendencies at the time, Romero insisted in promoting and preserving the traditional architecture and atmosphere of a Mexican town. A must-visit spot by far. 

7. Cuale River Island and Market

Mercado y la isla del Río Cuale in Puerto Vallarta

The Cuale River is one of the seven rivers that are born on the Sierra Madre Mountains. Its mouth is located right in the heart of Puerto Vallarta, and divides the town in two. Before it reaches the Pacific, the river opens up in two, creating an island that is connected by vehicular and hanging bridges. A morning walk or a cultural evening can be part of the perfect plan to visit its corridor that has a crafts market and a cultural center.

8. The Main Square (Plaza de Armas)

Visit the Main Square (Plaza de armas) in Puerto Vallarta

The Plaza de Armas or main square is one of the main tourist attractions in Puerto Vallarta, since it is a meeting point when you visit Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish, the Malecon Arches and its amphitheater, or the Municipal Palace. When strolling through the Malecon, it’s impossible to not visit it and enjoy a traditional tejuino or an artisanal ice cream.

9. Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish

Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish in Puerto Vallarta

Located in the heart of town and just a block away from the Malecon, its foundations were set in 1903. This Parish is an icon in Puerto Vallarta, with its main tower architectural design and what it represents. There is constant activity surrounding this spot and is host to the most important religious celebrations in town. 

Sometimes, the most memorable experiences are those without a price, so the next time you visit Puerto Vallarta, make sure you visit one or more of these 9 places. Share your experience with us in social media and remember to tag our official accounts @visitpuertovallarta and use the hashtag #RevivePuertoVallarta.

Happy travels!

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