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December 21, 2016

Christmas Posadas in Puerto Vallarta, nights of party and tradition

December has that special magic that enlightens our hearts and gather us together. We live this in Puerto Vallarta, just by the sea and along its colorful streets, in a unique atmosphere.

The traditional Christmas Posadas combine the customs of a beach town with that festive spirit of locals and visitors, a great experience you can’t miss! Everyone can enjoy this celebration, from children to adults, men and women. Puerto Vallarta is waiting everyone with the best flavors, songs and many more attractions during these days.

The Christmas Posadas take place from December 16th to 23th, just between the traditional pilgrimages and Christmas. The origin of this parties is religious, but this is the perfect time to get together with dear ones, friends and even knowing new ones. Just let the lights and sparklers illuminate the special moment!

The Christmas Posadas in Puerto Vallarta

The essence has been preserved: It’s the time to be thankful for all the things that life has given us. Also, it’s a time to share your happiness. The Christmas spirit is alive throughout Puerto Vallarta family gatherings and processions, where people plays Jesus, Mary and Joseph asking for a room. Finally, when a door opens, everyone is welcome to celebrate.

Mexican food is such a treasure! From tamales to buñuelos, there are many options to taste! Don’t miss the hot chocolate with cinnamon and the delicious ponche, a hot fruit punch that will make you want more! It all tastes as great as it sounds.

Posadas Mexican food is such a treasure

Then comes the time when you have to break the piñata! Puerto Vallarta local people create colorful and interesting pieces just for these parties. You only have three chances to break it and get all the prizes inside. 

Puerto Vallarta’s houses, streets and parks held this amazing parties where tradition doesn’t live only because of the people, but also in every rooftop, garden… All the beach town will take you to an unmatched experience!

The Parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Puerto Vallarta

We would tell you more, but a Christmas Posada is waiting for us! Do you want to join us? Come and live our traditions in Puerto Vallarta. Don’t forget to follow our social media for getting more recommendations of our city.

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