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December 02, 2019

Come and feel the Spirit of Christmas Puerto Vallarta style.

Christmas is just around the corner so, during this time of the year, it is worth to visit a destination such as Puerto Vallarta, an ideal place that offers incredible sunsets, spectacular beaches and lots of activities for you and your partner, your family or friends.

Puerto Vallarta’s Downtown and Malecon dress up with a magical and entertaining atmosphere due to the various cultural and traditional events that take place, in addition to the artistic expressions that can be admired all throughout the year such as the Papantla Flyers show, the sculptures and exhibitions in art galleries.

If you’re looking forward in enjoying your Christmas holidays in Puerto Vallarta these activities may be of your interest:

Fiestas Guadalupanas (Party for the Virgin of Guadalupe)

Each December the streets of Puerto Vallarta are filled with colors, music and flavors of the Fiestas Guadalupanas. Pilgrimages to honor the Virgin of Guadalupe are one of the most popular traditions in Mexico, and in Puerto Vallarta they are held from December 1st till 12th.

This traditional tour takes place in the Downtown towards the Parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe, where folk dance groups dance in the streets carrying banners of the Virgin, accompanied by songs and cars adorned with lights and religious images. We suggest you try the Mexican snacks that can be found at the streets during this great festivity of the Catholic faith.

Whale watching and encounter with dolphins at open sea.

Banderas Bay is worldwide known for being the place in which the Humpback whales arrive during Winter to mate and give birth to their offspring.

This bay is the home of an incredible marine fauna that includes dolphins, turtles and mantas. Come and take a tour through the waters of Puerto Vallarta so you can watch these species, and have an encounter with dolphins at open sea. You can even get to know Mismaloya Arches, a wonderful place to practice kayak or snorkeling. You’ll love it!

Art and Market

The traditional Art and Market, located at Marina Vallarta, offers a wide variety of Huichol art, sculptures, handmade textiles and artisan jewelry besides art exhibitions and paintings of local artists.

You can enjoy also of traditional food and live music, but during December it is the ideal place to buy very original Christmas presents. Take a walk around its stands and check out the Marina’s bohemian atmosphere. The Art and Market is available from October till March.

Sea turtle hatchling release.

Come to the sea turtle hatchling release, a unique experience that takes place form June till December, where you’ll help baby turtles reach the sea for the first time.

Puerto Vallarta has been positioned as one of the world’s most important coast lines for preservation and conservation of this important specie.

Different hotels participate in reproduction programs for this specie by the hand of CEMBAB Foundation (Conservación de especies maravillosas de bahía de banderas A.C.)

It is doubtless that this beautiful destination has incredible activities that can turn into the best memories in life.Enjoy YourIdelPlan and live an unforgettable Christmas holidays. We’ll wait for you!

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