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November 24, 2021

Fan of exclusivity? Find your ideal Boutique Hotel according to your plan

There are all kinds of hotels and accommodation for all kinds of travelers. When we’re talking exclusivity, there is no better place to stay at than a Boutique Hotel. These kinds of hotels offer intimacy and personalized service, and in Puerto Vallarta The Friendliest City in the World you are sure to find incredible Boutique Hotels, all different in their style, but all offering exactly what you seek in a Boutique Hotel, with that added natural charm that characterizes this enchanting beach destination.

First, let us dig into a little bit of history regarding Boutique Hotels. It was in the 1980s when these hotels started to pop out, after some unsuccessful attempts in earlier decades. It started in major cities such as London, San Francisco, and New York City. The term was originally coined by American entrepreneur Steve Rubell, when he visited Morgan’s Hotel. From there, the term created a trend all around the world in no time. Now, even big-chain hotels have created sub-brands to offer Boutique Hotels to their clientele.

Boutique hotels bright due its personalized service, the facilities are smaller, they should have less than 100 rooms, all the details on their design evoke a theme; some historic, focused on some specific elements like a color, a famous figure, a book, a movie, with each element being carefully chosen. Due to their intimate size, the staff can focus on giving you a more personalized service. Also, some of them have top of the notch executive chefs to pamper you with a unique culinary experience.

The feeling of exclusivity is breathed in every corner, and when you stay at a Boutique Hotel in Puerto Vallarta, as a plus you can admire stunning views of the surroundings like the magnificent mountains that embrace this town, the endless Pacific Ocean, the lush tropical jungle, or the vibrant and colorful downtown area.

Here’s a list of the top Boutique Hotels in Puerto Vallarta, each one of them carefully chosen, so go ahead and pick your favorite according to your travel plan.

LUXURY | Casa Kimberly

Casa Kimberly Puerto Vallarta

A place where luxury meets exclusivity. Located in the heart of town, this luxurious nine-suite Boutique Hotel was created from the quaint side-by-side houses once owned by movie stars Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, the couple that made Puerto Vallarta famous in 1962.

It was renovated in 2010, and its facilities were designed and appointed with majestic antiques, hand-painted tiles, crystal chandeliers, exquisite baths, spacious patios with Jacuzzis, all surrounded by gorgeous views of Puerto Vallarta. They offer succulent dishes at their open-air Iguana Restaurant and regional and exclusive distillates at their Tequila Bar.

Official website


COUPLES | Casa Velas

Casa Velas Puerto Vallarta

If a romantic getaway is what you seek, then Casa Velas is for you. An adults-only all-inclusive hacienda-style Boutique Hotel located at the Marina in Puerto Vallarta. A secret oasis in one of the most elegant residential areas in town, with a grand pool overlooking the magnificent greens of the on-site golf course, and an exclusive private Ocean Club.

A great place to savor artful creations of gourmet Mexican and global cuisine, with an organic garden that supplies the freshest herbs for you. They also offer cooking classes, tequila tastings, dining experiences, and art workshops.

A wonderful place to fall in love over and over again.

Official website


ECO-FRIENDLY | Jorullo Paradise

Jorullo Puerto Vallarta

Opened just recently, this Boutique Hotel is in the Sierra Madre Mountain Range, not so far from the busy downtown area. It offers stunning mountain views to disconnect from the world and be in contact with nature, while resting and experiencing the beauty of the mountains that embrace Puerto Vallarta.

This rustic and sustainable Boutique Hotel features 11 eco-friendly cabins, a farm-to-table restaurant, a pool and nine hot springs, just 20 minutes away from the beach. It offers low impact activities such as hiking, nature walks, wildlife viewing and a bicycle zipline. A great option if you want to be around nature and close yet far from the vibrant life of town.

Official website


SUSTAINABLE | Jardín de Yelapa

Yelapa Puerto Vallarta

Yelapa is an exotic fisherman’s village 40 minutes away from Puerto Vallarta that can only be reached by boat. A magical cove facing the Pacific, and embraced by the mountains with a river and an amazing waterfall.

Jardin de Yelapa features 4 low-key, minimalist private palapas/rooms, with a common area to relax, lie in a hammock, read a book, cook a meal, or meet new friends. A perfect place to connect with nature and leave the hustle n’ bustle behind. This Boutique Hotel aims to provide the comforts of home within the beauty of a natural environment, going back to the simple basics. A sustainable center, where eco-friendly products are used in all areas, as well as grey water use. A place to enjoy paradise at its most natural.

Official website


WELLNESS | El Grullo Naturista

Naturista Puerto Vallarta

A one-of-a-kind holistic health Boutique Hotel located amidst the tropical vegetation of the hidden beach named Quimixto, just 40 minutes away from Puerto Vallarta, accessible only by boat.

The hotel features suites facing the sea, healthy and delicious cuisine, outdoor activities such as yoga and surf, and a wolrd-class yet rustic spa to pamper yourself with a unique wellness experience.

Official website



Xilanani Puerto Vallarta

A wellness paradise in a 250-yard secluded private beach accessible only by boat, 30 minutes away from Puerto Vallarta. This Boutique Hotel offers one of the foremost world-class yoga retreats centers in Mexico, featuring 6 yoga studios.

The perfect place to experience a truly healthy lifestyle, surrounded by lush nature, savoring delicious Mexican healthy food, and taking some days to restoring balance between mind, body, and soul.

Official website


HIPSTER | Casitas Maraika

Casitas maraika

Located in the beautiful and pristine Caballo Beach, 20 minutes away from Puerto Vallarta, Casitas Maraika is a Boutique Hotel that can be simply described as paradise for those who like a balance between nature and modern life.

It features 3 beautiful casitas, a trendy and exclusive beach club with a bar and restaurant open to the public, outdoor activities such as hikes, water activities, a spa, as well as beach parties and DJ sessions on the weekends.

You will experience the beauty of a relaxing and exotic stay, in the heart of the Bay; a sanctuary for whales, turtles, stingrays, and a plethora of incredible marine species.

Official website


COLONIAL | Hacienda San Angel

Hacienda San Angel

This beautiful Boutique Hotel showcases the genteel charm of Mexican Colonial architecture. It is located in downtown Puerto Vallarta, on the hilltop above the iconic Our Lady of the Guadalupe Parish and its famous church tower. A historic venue that was turned into this beautiful Hacienda in 2003.

It features 12 suites with breathtaking views of the Bay, the Sierra Madre mountains, and the downtown terracotta rooftops. Surrounded by lush tropical gardens, with three pools, a fine dining restaurant featuring live Mariachi music, and a bar serving exotic cocktails.

Official website


HISTORIC | Bellview

Puerto Vallarta

Located in downtown Puerto Vallarta in the Gringo Gulch area, with stunning views of the city, the ocean, and the mountains. This Historic Boutique Hotel features 4 suites and an enchanting and truly romantic open-air Italian restaurant that is also open to the public, only under reservation.

A magical and fantastical Boutique Hotel where you will breathe in luxury and the history of this enchanting town.

Official website


So, ready to embark in an exclusive experience? Puerto Vallarta is waiting for you, so start packing your bags, there are incredible options to experience the magic of a Boutique Hotel according to your travel plan.

See you soon!

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