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June 17, 2019

Puerto Vallarta, a Paradise that gathers Mexican art.

If you’re an art lover, or simply enjoy walking through art galleries, Puerto Vallarta is the right place for you to know several artistic expressions.

Puerto Vallarta is one of Mexico’s most beautiful coastal cities with a great community of painters, sculptors and artisans, both national and international, who show their works of art at several galleries, at the streets and over the boardwalk Malecon. An example of this is Manuel Lepe Macedo, Puerto Vallarta’s most famous artist, whose work incudes more than 2,500 paintings exhibited worldwide at places owned by celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor, Ronald Reagan, Queen Elizabeth II, John Huston, among others.

Some of the most admired pieces of art at the destination are the boardwalk Malecon sculptures and Huichol handcrafts. Another activity for art lovers is the ArtWalk that includes visits to several art galleries. Keep on reading to know what we’re talking about.

A walk through the boardwalk Malecon.

The Friendship Fountain, whose author is James “Bud” Bottoms, was donated in 1987 by Santa Barbara, CA. and it’s a replica of the one located it that metropolis. The fountain is formed by three jumping dolphins that have stony arches as background.


Triton and Mermaid, whose author is Carlos Espino, was inaugurated in 1990. It is formed by characters half fish and half human representing the Roman god of the sea and a nymph of the Mediterranean Sea.


Searching for Reason, by Sergio Bustamante, was installed in 1999 and it’s one of the statues that causes more expectation between the visitors. The artist contributed a sculpture formed by strange figures that climb a ladder.


The Roundabout of the Sea, by Alejandro Colunga, is a group of 16 eclectic sculptures of long human shape chairs with arms and legs, and finished with the shape of stylized marine animals and fantastic figures.



Take a walk through Puerto Vallarta’s streets while visiting art galleries that show the work of important national and international artists, dully recognized because of their exceptional paintings, sculptures, fine pottery and jewelry, and many other type of artwork.

Sergio Bustamante

Definitively this is one of Puerto Vallarta’s art galleries that you can’t miss. You’ll easily recognized Bustamante’s characteristic style since he is the author of one of the boardwalk Malecon’s statues.


“Pacífico” Gallery

Since 1987 this art gallery has presented an eclectic mixture of talented artists, among which you can find the sculptor Ramiz Barquet, the French painter Patrick Denoun, Richard Baker and Alfredo Langarica. Without any question this art gallery must be part of your “must to do” things in Puerto Vallarta.


The Dante Gallery is specialized in contemporary sculptures, but also has an important paintings collection. More than 50 Mexican artists show their artwork here, creating a very interesting eclectic mixture. Its owners, Claire and Joe Guarniere, are two of the most respected members of Puerto Vallarta’s artist community.

Galería de Ollas

This gallery has been dedicated to the exhibition and sale of Mata Ortiz fine pottery since 1998. Among the 300 potters living in this small town, the gallery chooses only the most exquisite pieces.

Omar Alonso

It is specialized in photography, engraving and sculpture. It is like a magnet for art collectors and artists from all around the globe. This gallery has had exhibitions by Sebastiao Salgado, Wouter Deruytter, Michal Macku, Ron Van Dongen, Luis González Palma and Anderson.

Huichol Art

We will show you the techniques, teachings and traditions inherited by the Huichol Indians who live in the mountains around Puerto Vallarta, giving life to the local art scene with its colorful art in beads and yarn full of cultural significance. Acquiring Huichol artworks not only gives them a dignified and sustainable life, but also helps to preserve their traditions.


Also enjoy the ancient testimonies of its pre-Hispanic past in the Museo del Cuale, a small enclosure that keeps an excellent collection of ancestral objects, where it is possible to see a general panorama of the history and art of the area, as well as temporary exhibitions of crafts.

Immerse yourself in the Mexican culture and take the time to appreciate the art of our beautiful port.

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