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April 16, 2021

Revive the essence of Old Town Vallarta

You know you’ve arrived to the oldest area of Puerto Vallarta because there is a certain magic that embraces the area, known as Old Town Vallarta. You can immediately feel the essence of a former fishing town, a unique and secret place nestled between the Pacific and the Sierra Madre mountains, accessible years ago to those few that had the privilege – and the means – to make the journey and arrive at its coasts.

Since then – beginning of the 20th Century – there was friendly people that greeted in their own homes, bungalows and hammocks, all those travellers that did whatever it took just to admire the sunset in one of the most beautiful places on Earth.


Fun fact:

It wasn’t until 1954 that the first commercial airline would travel from Guadalajara to Puerto Vallarta, and the first international flight was on 1962, placing this port in the eye of foreign visitors. 


There was something in this place that made more come every time to visit its beaches. Can you guess what it is?

Its charm! The one that is still preserved in its architecture crowned with domes and roof tiles, in its sunsets, and in its people.

Over the years a modern touch has been integrated to create the vibrant destination that you can enjoy today.

An urban legend says that those who have been to Old Town Vallarta are destined to return one day. Here, the essence that is engraved in all those who visit concentrates: streets with dozens of steps that lead up into the mountains; alleyways that hold from old houses to modern bars; bridges that cross both rivers and streets, local markets, areas that were inhabited by big Hollywood stars; museums with the port’s naval history, and the so natural hospitality offered by its inhabitants. 

Cuale river Puerto Vallarta

But, where exactly is Old Town Vallarta?

This area starts at the beginning of the Malecon with its famous boardwalk peppered with sculptures and art expression, bars and restaurants, shops and cafes. It continues all the way downtown to the Main Square and gazebo where couples get together to move to the rhythm of danzón, Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish, and Los Arcos Amphitheater. It crosses the Cuale River Island, with its cultural center, restaurants, and market, and extends all the way to the Romantic Zone, known for its small cafes, gastronomic offer, parks, and galleries.

Restaurants in puerto vallarta

Places and experiences that make Old Town Vallarta so special, and that you must include during your next visit to this fascinating town:

  1. Walk along Basilio Badillo Street, where you can find exclusive art galleries, boutiques, jewelry stores and restaurants.
    jewelry stores and restaurants in Puerto Vallarta
  1. Visit the Cuale River Island. During the day visit the Cultural Center and have a snack at one of the restaurants by the riverbank with its lush vegetation. By night you can enjoy a romantic dinner in the gourmet restaurants and a lovely walk through its small streets.
    Cuale River Island
  1. Hang out at the Lazaro Cardenas Park, also known as the Tile Park due to the intervention of artist Natasha Moraga.
    Lazaro Cardenas Park
  1. Wander along the streets surrounding Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish.
    streets surrounding Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish
  1. Take a break in one of the benches by the Main Square, have an ice cream or a drink to admire the town’s daily to and fro.
    Ice cream in Puerto Vallarta
  1. Spend your day with sun, sand, and sea at the famous Los Muertos Beach.
    Muertos Beach in Puerto Vallarta
  1. Enjoy the ocean breeze in one the benches at Los Muertos Pier.
     Ocean breeze in one the benches at Los Muertos Pier
  1. Visit the Romantic Zone by night to learn more about the town’s gastronomy in the multiple stands with tacos and Mexican delights.
    Food in Puerto Vallarta
  1. Go bar hopping and enjoy the different settings, whether on a street or by the sea.
    Go bar hopping and enjoy the different settings


Do you think you know Old Town Vallarta really well?

We invite you to participate in our “Just for experts” trivia on our social media.


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