Conchas Chinas Beach

Get your camera ready and start your walk along the seashore to Conchas Chinas Beach.  Panoramic views of the bay are wonderful from this succession of small pools of warm seawater that stand out among the rock formations along the 2,700 feet long beach. 

Playa conchas chinas

The pools are full of marine life. Crabs, colorful fish and other small mollusks can be seen in the pools.  Look after them.  Keep in mind that they are in their natural habitat and that we, as visitors, have to be respectful of their home.

The sand at Conchas Chinas Beach is golden, soft but very grainy.  There are small rocks and shells along the beach.  Protect your feet with sandals or special footwear, even if you decide to go into the sea.  Its waters have moderate waves and fascinating deep blue-green tones. 

Playa conchas chinas

Conchas Chinas is the southernmost beach in Puerto Vallarta accessible by foot.  It is not very crowded, except on the weekends.  You can see the Sierra Madre Mountains meeting the Pacific Ocean at some points.

Its privileged location makes it one of the favorite places to relax with the sound of the sea, enjoy the beautiful views it offers and get the ideal tan...  What more could you ask for?

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