Garza Blanca beach in Puerto Vallarta

Garza Blanca Beach

Located south of Puerto Vallarta, this beach has soft, golden sand.  Its waters are crystal clear and emerald green and, thanks to a rocky barrier, its waves are not too violent, which makes it ideal for swimming, water activities like snorkel and paddle board, or just to sunbathe.

Walking access to Garza Blanca beach is directly adjacent to the luxury all-inclusive resort Garza Blanca Preserve Puerto Vallarta. Please note that the closest parking lot is located at the foot of the road, approximately 200 meters in front of the pedestrian access to the beach. 

Garza Blanca beach is also an important reference point for access to the popular waterfalls of the Palo Maria River, located across Federal Highway 514 in front of the aforementioned pedestrian access.

Garza Blanca was named after the many white herons that regularly come to the beach and feed on the small fish that live there.

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