Palmares Beach

Playa Palmares was the first beach in the state of Jalisco to be awarded with the Blue Flag Certification.  Visitors to Playa Palmares can be confident that the beach is in compliance with the highest international standards for quality, safety, environmental management and service.

You can get to Playa Palmares from downtown Puerto Vallarta by driving about 4 miles down Highway 200.  You will be greeted by magnificent ocean views.   Get your camera ready.  Don't miss the opportunity to stop at one of the many pull outs along the way.   Enjoy the breathtaking views of the bay!

Playa Palmares

The monumental sculpture "The Sail of the Galleon" by French artist Nicolas Bertoux welcomes you at the entrance to the beach.  On the side of the road is a large parking lot.  For people with disabilities, there is a long ramp that allows easy access to the beach. 

The beach at Playa Palmares is long and has medium-grained, amber-colored sand.  The seashore is rather rocky and the waves are mostly gentle to moderate.  Its refreshing waters of emerald green and deep blue hues invite you to enjoy relaxing water activities such as kayaking orstand uppaddle boarding.

Playa Palmares

Grilled shrimp or fish on sticks, fresh seasonal fruit, ice pops and other snacks are usually offered by beach vendors.  Conveniently located on the beach with a cozy oceanfront terrace, Canto Palmares Restaurant is a good choice for ice-cold cervezas and seafood specialties.  
Playa Palmares also offers beach furniture rentals, public toilets, lifeguards and other services for a pleasant day in the sun.

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