Playa de Oro

It is one of the safest beaches for swimming and is also a great place for sunbathing.  Playa de Oro boasts the Blue Flag international certification, awarded to beaches for excellence in service, safety, environmental management and quality.

Playa de oro

At Playa de Oro, the waves are usually gentle.  This makes it a preferred option for practicing water sports such as jet skiing, kayaking, parasailing and banana riding.  

At more than 3,400 feet long, its soft amber sands are perfect for a beach volleyball game, horseback riding, frisbee throwing, or just strolling along the shore with your pet at sunset.  

Playa de oro

Playa de Oro is conveniently located between the Maritime Terminal and the mouth of the Pitillal River, in the North Hotel Zone; easily accessible and close to shopping centers, restaurants, grocery stores and other services.

It is said that the beach got its name ("Golden Beach") from the Playa de Oro Hotel.  It was one of the first hotels built in this area in the second half of the 20th century.

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