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December 12, 2016

4 reasons for experience the whale watching in Puerto Vallarta

Whale watching in Puerto Vallarta is a must do you can’t miss at least once in a lifetime! Humpback whales —one of the largest animals in the world— come to our sea each winter, leaving the cold and embracing the warm from December to March.

Check out these 4 reasons for not missing the whale watching in our beloved beach town!

Whale watching in Puerto Vallarta

1. A huge and emotional encounter

When you watch a whale jumping out the sea… You’ll remember that scene all your life! These giants are smart animals as well, and their skills and sensibility makes them unique. A whale can measure up to 62 feet and weight 36 tons! Can you imagine such animal saying hello to you at the sea of Puerto Vallarta?

Whale jumping out the sea in Puerto Vallarta

2. Perfect place, perfect weather

This magnificent animals travel through all the oceans and seas of the world. They usually migrate 15,000 miles each year! Humpback whales live North when it’s summer, and they come to Puerto Vallarta for their mating rituals.

After a year of pregnancy, the whales come to Mexico to have their babies. The ones that aren’t pregnant travel to mate because of the nice weather, so all the whales that come can spend a really warm winter before they come back North!

Humpback whales in Puerto Vallarta

3. Music to the ears

Don’t miss an unparalleled concert by the sea! This marine singers perform with beautiful and calm music in Puerto Vallarta, communicating with their pals. They make this music with a special wind instrument as big as their cranium, because the sound is produced with air running through the head!

Whale watching tours in Puerto Vallarta

4. Guided tours!

Don’t miss the guided tours, the ideal option for living the whale watching with experts. The tours usuarlly start on December 10th and finish in late March; there are small and big boats specially designed for this activity, where you can enjoy lunch and drinks. Everyday there’s a tour waiting for you at the Puerto Vallarta’s facilities, at 8:00 am, during from four to six hours.

So now you know: come to Puerto Vallarta and meet these giant friends! You’ll have a great unforgettable time and of course nice photos that you’ll share with everyone. Don’t miss this experience with one of the largest animals in the world!

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