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June 22, 2021

5 travel trends for summer 2021

The way we travel has changed during the last year, and people that venture into other parts of the world – and into their own countries – are primordially seeking security, to generate a social impact and to live experiences that will transcend. These are good news for travellers, since it implies that destinations are working day to day to offer safe environments and to print authenticity into their activities, tours, and accommodation.

We want to share with you 5 travel trends that Condé Nast Traveller, Tripadvisor, Expedia, Forbes, TravelPulse, and other authorities in the matter have detected when analyzing the direction that the tourist industry is taking all around the globe, and that you will definitely find this summer in Puerto Vallarta, being a world-class destination.


1. Vacations in remote places

Vacations in Puerto Vallarta

More than just a trend, it is a very convenient way to avoid crowds and be able to enjoy the place by yourself – being aware of the safety measures at the chosen spot –. In Puerto Vallarta you can find idyllic remote beaches, where you can be in contact with nature, enjoy the sun and the beach, dip into the sea and discover an amazing underwater world, and savor the local delights. Some of these beaches are Colomitos, Yelapa, Majahuitas, Quimixto, Las Animas, Caballo Beach and Conchas Chinas.


2. A fusion between work and play

Work in Puerto Vallarta

The office etiquette – luckily for many – has changed, and many companies have opted for offering their collaborators the flexibility of home office. And now that travelling is taking its course again, many people are deciding to do ‘ocean office’ after a long wait to go on vacation.

Absolutely everything has been taken care of at your new office in Puerto Vallarta: the sound of the waves will be your alarm clock; a fresh cup of coffee will give you the necessary boost before your exercise routine: from oceanfront yoga to jogging by the beach or horseback riding along the mountains; Wi-Fi in your hammock to be up to date with the workload; local delights – and an exotic cocktail – will be awaiting you at lunchtime. When the day is done you can wander the streets of Puerto Vallarta till you find your favorite place to spend the evening. The following day: change your scenario and repeat the routine.


3. Sustainable Travel

Travelling has become a way to positively impact the community that is visited in order to make it significant to both travellers and locals alike, and Puerto Vallarta offers the opportunity to contribute to many environmental causes to preserve our surroundings. One of the most important ones is the protection of the Olive Ridley Sea Turtle, that visits the coast between the months of June and September to lay her eggs, and are taken care of at camps such as Campamento Mayto and Campamento Boca de Tomates.

Another way you can leave a positive mark is by joining the educational and cleanup activities organized by the only urban estuary in Latin America, El Salado Estuary, located in the heart of town. 


4. Long stays

Long stays in Puerto Vallarta

After a long period without setting foot on the sand, many travellers will spare no expense in their yearned vacations, so one of the trends for this summer is to extend their stays from one week to one month, or even longer. If you’re interested in this extended plan, then you should know that many hotels in Puerto Vallarta have taken this into consideration and are offering alluring rates.

We invite you to take a look into our Hotel Directory, pick your favorite, and ask if they have these kinds of rates. Escaping routine for a couple of weeks can be restorative for sure!


5. Outdoor activities

Outdoor activities in Puerto Vallarta

Another big trend, which has really always been present, is to enjoy nature and breathe in fresh air. And with the privileged location that Puerto Vallarta enjoys, the list of outdoor activities is endless.

Among the tropical forests. You can find tours that will take you to discover waterfalls and rivers amongst the thick tropical forests in Puerto Vallarta, with treks that will challenge your resistance over the treetops on a zipline, or while hiking or rappelling.

Over the water. Activities include surfing, sailing, kayaking, paddleboarding, snorkeling, kitesurfing, windsurfing, flyboarding, jet skiing, luxury yachts at sunset, and pirate shows aboard the Marigalante pirate ship. 

Exploring the mountains. Whether horseback riding to reach the highest peaks of the Sierra Madre mountain range, or riding an ATV with your adrenaline levels to the max while crossing rivers, steep off-roads, or the world’s longest suspension bridge at 1540 feet (470m) above the ground, exploring the mountains can be fascinating.

In the depths of the sea. The Mexican Pacific is one of the chosen spots by divers around the world due to the underwater richness that inhabits it. In Puerto Vallarta you can enjoy many places that offer amazing scuba diving experiences in beaches such as Las Caletas and the fascinating Los Arcos Marine Park in Mismaloya.

At the beach. One of the main attractions in Puerto Vallarta is obviously its beaches. You can find them right in town, in picturesque nearby villages, in remote coves, or at the foot of the mountains. The one you choose will be simply perfect. Take a look at our beach directory.

So, do you identify with any of these 5 travel trends? Let us know on our social media!


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