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May 26, 2021

11 Fabulous Reasons to Marry in Puerto Vallarta 

I have been to Puerto Vallarta many times over the years. And I fall more in love with this destination each time I go. Firstly, you and your guests will pick up holiday residence in a true tropical oasis. Secondly, the sunsets are simply divine. Similarly, making destination wedding photographs a dream location. Secondly, Moreover, lush green rolling hills and a stunning ocean bay will be your vacation canvas. Best of all, there are a plethora of highly sought-after resorts here. Many taking full advantage of the breath-taking scenic backdrops. Not to mention a wonderful entourage of activities and excursion to enjoy a day in and out. Below are my 11 fabulous reasons to marry in Puerto Vallarta!

Absolutely love this Villa in Mismaloya! Photo Courtesy of Underground Studio Puerto Vallarta


Reason 11) Warm, Inviting and Rich in Culture

I really can’t say enough about Puerto Vallarta when it comes to cultural tours. There are so many exciting and adventurous tours to experience here. Firstly, Vallarta Adventures offers a delightful cruise and dinner show. Watch the amazing Puerto Vallarta evening sunsets while sparkling city lights of Banduras Bay lull your senses in serene bliss.. It’s a wonderful group full-day excursion option. And one that will allow you to experience the best of what Puerto Vallarta has to offer! 

Looking for a great bachelor party option? Then Tequila, Mezcal, and Raicilla tasting tours can be a great option. And your bachelorettes certainly won't be left out. For them, I would highly recommend a Puerto Vallarta city tour. Shopping and festive restaurants will help create an incredibly memorable day. Journey Vallarta Tours is a great option for viewing these types of tours in Puerto Vallarta

Beautiful Grand Fiesta Americana Wedding Photo by Vallarta Photo


Reason 10) Puerto Vallarta Flights and Cruises

Another fabulous reason to marry in Puerto Vallarta is the fast flights. Direct flights are available from most Mid-Western and Western US and Canadian Cities. Making it very cost-effective for destination wedding groups. Group travel packages with flights and accommodations can also work out to great group savings. Similarly, some direct and many one-stop flight connections are easy to book from Eastern US and Canada.

Cruise destination weddings are also becoming more popular these days. Puerto Vallarta is such a romantic destination to visit and marry. So why not exchange vows while exploring the cities finest vacation hotspots together as a group. This is where your wedding travel specialist can really help with finding the perfect group wedding cruise!

Wedding tip: Mid-week flights can often provide welcome savings. For the lowest pricing, it’s usually best to confirm your flights as far out as possible from your wedding date. 


Reason 9) Puerto Vallarta’s Idyllic Tropical island location

One reason couples choose to marry in Puerto Vallarta is the vast tropical landscape and enormous Banderas Bay. Additionally, many of the finest all-inclusive wedding resorts are located right along this breathtakingly beautiful Bay. Where evening sunsets are beyond stellar. And don’t forget those mountains that surround the bay. They are truly unforgettable. In addition, you can visit popular areas such as Los Arcos Marine Park. It has to be one of my top group excursion suggestions.. It’s a literal paradise to visit. Inaccessible by land, you'll head over by water taxi. Similarly, it's so much fun when experiencing this tour together in a group.

Secondly, this area is great for snorkelling and scuba diving. Due to its network of caves, reefs and tunnels. Then you have the Marieta Islands, boasting unforgettable scenery as well. Or consider a group venture over to hidden beach. It’s a very unique landmark in Puerto Vallarta that consists of a partially covered beach. You can access this reach via an underground tunnel. now that a vacation excursion your group will remember for years to come!

Puerto Vallarta has stunning sunset ocean views as captured here. Photo by Adventure-Photos

Wedding tip: Talk to your dedicated travel agent about what you would love in a group wedding excursion. Either pre-or post-wedding. This way, your guests can pre-book in. And look forward to a very memorable vacation day spent together.


Reason 8) Hot, Sunny Weather Abounds in Puerto Vallarta 

Next on my list of fabulous reasons to marry in Puerto Vallarta is weather. The weather temperature is normally consistent year-round. The daily highs are usually around 86 F or 19 C. Now that is what I call great destination wedding weather! Of course, there are factors to consider for wedding couples. Such as the time of day you marry. The dryer times of the year usually work best for destination weddings. But because tropical rain can be short-lived during the day here, summer weddings can also work out beautifully. 

Later afternoon weddings are a great call here in Puerto Vallarta. You can take advantage of a slight cool down from the mid-day heat. And then take full advantage of those amazing sunsets for your beach wedding photos. Summer is generally more humid. So, for summer weddings planning a ceremony later in the day or sunset truly is a must.

Stunning Puerto Vallarta Sunset Wedding Photo. Courtesy of

Wedding tip: Summer tips for the Puerto Vallarta bride. If you are doing your own makeup, be sure to bring waterproof makeup. Otherwise, your resort beauty stylist will have you completely covered for the best make up options for your wedding day. 


Reason 7) Puerto Vallarta- Year-Round Destination Wedding Options

Of course, I am going to wholeheartedly agree that anytime is a great time to marry in Puerto Vallarta. However, booking certain times of the year can be overall more cost-effective for your group. My favourite recommendations are May and June. And additionally, November to mid-December. Which can often price well. You’ll have those beautiful sunny Puerto Vallarta days with less chance of storms or rain.

Of course, many couples choose to book their destination wedding during the peak travel season, which is typically January through March. And there are so many great reasons why this is a great time to go as well. Including fabulous weather away from perhaps much colder weather! 

Whale watching is best from December through March. Can your guests also have the opportunity to experience turtle to sea programs. Some resorts specifically work with turtle preservation programs. It’s so much fun for couples and families to experience baby turtles heading out to sea for the first time!

Wedding tip: An experienced travel wedding expert can make all the difference in providing and negotiating the best rates. And best times to Travel. Consult with a recommended travel specialist and you won't be sorry! 


Reason 6) Getting Around is a Breeze in Puerto Vallarta

Having convenient transportation options are a must in any destination. And there are great options for breezing around beautiful, sun-filled Puerto Vallarta. Firstly, I highly recommend booking your airport transfers through your dedicated wedding travel specialist. Most suppliers offer these with your hotel and flight booking.

Secondly, if you do need airport transfers, both  Puerto Vallarta Airport Transfers and Vallarta Transfers and Incentives are very reputable companies. And your resort will always have plenty of great transportation options for you once there, along with excursions and outside activities. Additionally, they will be pleased to set up transfers to activities for you upon request. Lastly, Uber is now available in Puerto Vallarta! What a fun way to get to know the locals. And save on rides to the most popular restaurants, bars and events!


Reason 5) Catholic, Symbolic Ceremonies Rock in Puerto Vallarta! 

One popular question bride often asks is if they can have a legal wedding in Mexico. Yes, you certainly can. And your travel agent and the all-inclusive resort wedding coordinators are happy to assist. You’ll have a bit of additional paperwork. In short, providing birth certificates, blood tests, and four witnesses will be required. But it is very workable and so romantic!

Puerto Vallarta has unique and beautiful wedding ceremony options. For a traditional Catholic chapel service, check out Parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Puerto Vallarta. It’s a very historical landmark to the region. And very charming church located right in the heart of downtown Puerto Vallarta. Wonderful for group cultural visits as well.

For larger wedding groups the Canto Del Sol Puerto Vallarta has some lovely Catholic wedding ceremony options. It’s chapel located on property can comfortably accommodate up to 180 of your beloved guests. 

Intimate Chapel at Canto Del Sol All Inclusive Beach & Tennis Resort Photo Courtesy. 

Ceremonial Weddings 

For ceremonial weddings, you’ll want to do your legal paperwork before arrival in Puerto Vallarta. Many of my couples complete their paperwork before departing. However, either before or after is perfectly fine. A ceremonial wedding can follow the exact traditions of a legal one. And encompass all your own desired and unique wedding wishes.

Wedding tip: Choosing a legal or ceremonial wedding is so easy when it comes to Puerto Vallarta weddings. However, you’ll need to arrive in Puerto Vallarta at different times. Pending which ceremony option you choose. Your travel specialist can assist with more information. And coordinator your group arrival accordingly. So you can rest easy and look forward to your wonderful Puerto Vallarta wedding nuptials.


Reason 4) Incredible Group Adventures 

Another fantastic reason to marry in Puerto Vallarta is amazing group activities. Some couples choose to set up a catamaran tour. It's a great option for a pre-wedding party rehearsal dinner. Or consider a post-wedding action-packed activity for all guests. There are loads to choose from.

One of my favourite wedding group activity experience was with Pirate Ship Vallarta. One of my travel specialists married here in beautiful Puerto Vallarta. She set up this post-wedding excursion for the group. We boarded an authentic Spanish Galleon. And were instantly transported back into Pirate times! It’s an amazing adventure and opportunity to experience the beauty of Banderas Bay. All while having a great time with your wedding guests.

Photo Courtesy of

I’ve also experienced the Puerto Vallarta Outdoor Aventure Line and speedboat Ride. It was so much fun! Puerto Vallarta Tours offers this, and it’s great for smaller groups. It’s a chance to explore the outer limits of Puerto Vallarta. And at the same time, experiencing the inner lush tropical forests of this truly unique destination.

Vallarta Food Tours offers another awesome group tour idea. They offer several different and fun-filled group food tours. Including a downtown food tasting extravaganza. Or how about a tequila, Taco and Mexico cocktail tour. Both are so much fun to experience it in a group! Similarly, Bikes and Bites takes you on a three-hour guided bike tour to seven feature food tasting locations. It’s an awesome way to experience the regional flavours of Puerto Vallarta. My personal favourite Puerto Vallarta Malecon fast food treat is frozen bananas dipped in chocolate. It’s divine!

Food and pub group tour excursion: Photo Courtesy of Vallarta Food Tours

Your only issue with Puerto Vallarta excursions and activities is going to be which ones to choose. There are so many fantastic options. And so much to take in while experiencing this one of a kind destination.

Wedding tip Ask your travel specialist about pre-planning a group activity. Many suppliers offer discounts when you pre-book. It also gives your guests a thumbs up to mark the date and even pre-pay.


Reason 3) LGBTQ Are Amazing in PVR

Our LGBTQ community always love opportunities to enjoy safe and secure destination weddings. This is why Puerto Vallarta weddings are always at the top of my list . Especially when it comes to our beloved LGBTQ community. A couple of top resort considerations would be Almar Resort Luxury LGBTQ Resort. And Hotel Casa Velas Adults Only is another fine choice for Gay-Friendly resorts. It’s a gorgeous adults-only resort retreat with all the amenities. Including a private beach. Additionally it boasts an exclusive beach club. Your guests will thoroughly enjoy their time spend here. 

For smaller intimate weddings, consider the Casa Cupula Puerto Vallarta. The owners are gay and implicitly understand their client’s needs. You’ll enjoy cliffside dining with spectacular views. All within a warm, intimate setting. They also offer beautiful wedding options for your ceremony and reception. This is an outstanding property for LGBTQ honeymooners as well.

Gorgeous Wedding Photo: Courtesy of Pixan Photography . Wedding event planner for this couple: Monica Caesar AislePlanYourDay


Reason 2) Honeymooning in Puerto Vallarta 

There are so many fabulous reasons to marry in Puerto Vallarta. Similarly, honeymoons are an absolutely dream here too! Firstly, one of my favourite honeymoons, all-inclusive resorts is Secrets Vallarta Bay Puerto Vallarta. I’ve stayed several times, and I just love the private and quiet intimacy this adults-only provides. Great food and service are what you will come to expect each and every vacation day here. And I love their 10-minute proximity to the downtown Malecon area. Where shopping, activities and nightclubs abound!

The Hyatt Ziva Puerto Vallarta also makes the list for another lovely honeymoon resort oasis. This property exudes romance and charm. And you'll also receive exceptional five-star service and amenities. Guaranteed from the moment you step foot on the property. Of course, there are a plethora of other wonderful honeymoon resort options to consider here. Whether a small intimate cliffside villa is what you desire. Or a large adults-only all-inclusive resort with all the amenities you could dream of. The list is endless for your perfect Puerto Vallarta honeymoon.


Reason 1) Puerto Vallarta’s Divine Wedding resorts

I’ve noted some beautiful, popular and unique wedding venues and resorts. However, it’s really just touching the service when it comes to your destination wedding in Puerto Vallarta. There are so many wonderful options here. And price points to match every destination wedding couples wants and wishes.

All-inclusive properties truly have the wow factor here. And the simplicity of having everything right at your fingertips is so convenient—similarly, a great value for your guests. However, the sky is the limit here when it comes to your blissful exchange of wedding vows. From decadent private villas to opulent, ultra-luxury 4 Diamonds non-inclusive properties. Your destination wedding wish truly is Puerto Vallarta’s command. I hope you've enjoyed learning about just some of the many fabulous reasons to marry in Puerto Vallarta!

Fun-filled Wedding Receptions are yours in Puerto Vallarta. Photo Courtesy of Still & Motion Storytellers

Liz Moore is the owner of two award-winning travel agencies. Liz Moore Destination Weddings and My Wedding Away UK. Her 15 years of wedding travel expertise have enabled her and her amazing wedding specialists to help couples with fabulous destination weddings worldwide.

I want to add a very special thanks to all the very talented wedding photographers and Puerto Vallarta Vendors who contributed to this blog! 

Love in life and love travel!

 Liz Moore
Destination Wedding expert

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