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May 21, 2021

Puerto Vallarta: 103 years of being your favorite beach destination!

The history of Puerto Vallarta dates back, believe it or not, to more than 2,600 years. This has been shown in the investigations by archaeologist Joseph B. Mountjoy from the University of Carolina, who - after conducting carbon 14 dating tests on a clay pot found in 1991- established that the earliest habitants in the region date back to a period between 580 and 320 BC. 

Puerto Vallarta 103 anniversary

But it wasn’t until 1918, exactly on May 31st, 1918, that the state of Jalisco congress would issue a decree that would elevate the Las Peñas commissariat to a Municipality, changing its name to Puerto Vallarta. In 1968 this destination already had a major infrastructure as well as air and land connectivity, and so it was named: The City of Puerto Vallarta.

Puerto Vallarta 103 anniversary

So, this 31st of May this beautiful city will be celebrating 103 years as a Municipality and 53 as a city. Fascinating visitors for over a century!

If you are ready for the celebration, which will be grandiose this year, we have good news for you!

Puerto Vallarta 103 anniversary

Dozens of restaurants, attractions, and tours such as yacht rides or aboard the Marigalante pirate ship, discounts to swim with dolphins or use for a round of golf – to name a few-, have joined to give you around 15,000 pesos in coupons and discounts to redeem during your dream trip to Puerto Vallarta.

Puerto Vallarta 103 anniversary

Hotels have also prepared a selection of irresistible specials just for you, select your favorite: up to 50% discount, or third night for free, or complimentary kids accommodation and so much more! Sounds tempting, right?

Take advantage of all of these promotions and plan that memorable trip to Puerto Vallarta!

Visit coupons page.  Visit hotel deals page.

Puerto Vallarta 103 anniversary

Let us know in social media how you will celebrate this anniversary with us, using the hashtag: #PuertoVallarta103 

Need ideas on how to enjoy your trip even more? Here are some:

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And to show your awesome snapshots in social media, read this:

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This celebration will not be the same without you; we’ll be waiting for you!

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