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September 02, 2021

Choose your Wedding Style in Puerto Vallarta – Trends for 2021

The union between two people is an event that requires a complete planning process, with issues such as finding a venue, who to invite, the previous and subsequent activities, just to name a few. If “I do” has already been said, then it’s time to start thinking about where to celebrate that very special day, how about in a spectacular beach destination like Puerto Vallarta? Here we let you in on the latest wedding trends and all that our destination offers for this event to not only be memorable, but cherished in your heart, your couple’s and your guests.



Micro weddings



The current world situation has changed the way we carry on with our day to day, and wedding celebrations have also been adapting, and that’s good news. Wedding advisors and specialists suggest having a wedding according to the global trends, a micro wedding with no more than 30 guests, with the flexibility of even celebrating it during the week, since it’s more likely that most of your guests work fromhome and we’ll be able to travel and share this important moment with you.

So, once you’ve made your guest list, consider celebrating this union in one of the hotels in Puerto Vallarta with wedding planning services and choose an elegant ballroom or a beachfront and garden scenario, knowing that its certified advisors will surely recommend the best options for deco, ambiance, design, and gastronomy to delight your guests.


Weddings from different parts of the world

The friendliest city in the world is always at the leading edge when it comes to the global trends in wedding styles. In Puerto Vallarta you’ll find wedding planners that specialize in weddings from different traditions such as Hindu, Jewish, and symbolic ceremonies to name a few. Wedding planners are certified and have ample experience in these kinds of events; you can trust them completely when it comes to advice and coordination, so your wedding unfolds just like you’ve dreamed it.

The amazing culinary offer in Puerto Vallarta will surprise your guests’ palates; many restaurants offer catering services, so we suggest taking a look at the list of restaurants in our destination, we’re sure you’ll find the right one. If the wedding will take place at a hotel, make sure to check out our list and their Concierge will happily channel you to the wedding planner that’ll cover every detail of your celebration.


LGBT Wedding

Bodas lgbt

At our destination we have the corresponding legislation to carry out LGBT weddings, as well as specialists in symbolic wedding ceremonies. An important sector of our tourism belongs to this community, and every day more and more couples choose Puerto Vallarta as their venue to celebrate their union.

The Romantic Zone in downtown Puerto Vallarta has many hotels dedicated entirely to this sector, so it won’t be hard to pick one to celebrate your event. If you’d rather go for a hotel or restaurant not downtown, the ones located in the Hotel Zone will frame your wedding perfectly.


Catholic ceremonies

Bodas catolicas

In Puerto Vallarta you’ll find enchanting churches such as Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish, among others, to celebrate your Catholic union. It’s important to consider that priests usually do not offer Mass or marriage outside their churches, but some hotels and haciendas have certified chapels for this. Get advice from certified wedding planners, and book a space in advance; any time of year will be just perfect for your celebration.


Symbolic wedding ceremonies

Ceremonias simbolicas

Performed by a minister, symbolic wedding ceremonies are a white canvas ready for your personal touch. These kinds of ceremonies offer the opportunity of designing a ritual according to your sacred love promise, adding you and your couple’s very own significant elements.

In this kind of celebration what’s really important is sealing that special bond with your loved one, involving ideas that’ll strengthen the spiritual values of your union.



Bodas en Puerto Vallarta

We all know it’s a tradition almost everywhere in the world that before celebrating a marriage or union, there has to be a bachelor/bachelorette party. Consider something original that’ll stick in your guests’ memory. What are our suggestions? A tour in a secluded island, a yacht ride, bar hopping in the best bars and clubs; and Puerto Vallarta is the ideal destination for all of these ideas. Even more original? How about a party in a Magical Town? Your and your guests will love it.

Expert tour operators can guide whatever option you choose, and create magical experiences for you and your guests. Remember, you’re in The friendliest city in the world and absolutely every single detail will make you feel at home, surrounded by natural beauty, exceptional cuisine, and the warmth of our people framing the moment.



  1. Boho Chic

Boho Chic

Boho Chic weddings are mostly celebrated outdoors, with an unconventional and artistic atmosphere, and are characterized by decoration with vintage and bohemian furniture and pieces. They are sprinkled with handmade motifs, lots of flowers, different patterns and colors combined with vibrant elements.

For you, the groom, we recommend leaving the classic suit behind and wearing a white cotton shirt and jeans for example, according to the latest attire. For the bride, you must wear a flower crown and maybe an elegant loose fitting and free-flowing dress, or a vintage dress. Time to look into grandma’s closet!

  1. Tropical


As the name suggests, sun, flowers, and vibrant colors are what make up this celebration. And of course, the beach and the sea are the perfect frame for it. Your attire can be more inclined towards a classical one; the trick is how you decorate the venue where the union will take place. As an example, you can place coconut shells as flower vases or centerpieces, wooden deco, palms, exotic and colorful flowers everywhere, local tropical fruits – notorious and fragrant - are some of the details that must be included. Everything that evokes lush jungles and heavenly beaches must be present when welcoming your guests.


  1. Mexican

Boda Mexicana en Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is without a doubt considered an example of the Mexican spirit, not only through its delicious food, but also the traditional mariachi and colorful celebrations and festivities. Pecked paper, traditional sweets, and Mexican toys, vivid colors in every detail, perfectly blending with each other, are the most adequate for your celebration with a Mexican touch. The attire can be dressed as Charro for him and as Adelita for her. Try to look as Mexican as possible! And how about a decorated gazebo? And of course, the menu must be entirely Mexican. Puerto Vallarta has some of the best chefs when it comes to traditional Mexican cuisine. 

So now you know, there are many different options to choose from, and Puerto Vallarta is an amazing place to pick as your wedding destination and celebrate one of the most important events in your life. We’ll be waiting for you to celebrate such a special day together!

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