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September 02, 2021

Puerto Vallarta, the best Pet Friendly destination

Over the last couple of years, it has been clear that the love for our pets has increased, with dogs being the primary chosen ones to be a part of the family. In Mexico alone, statistics show that 90% of pets are in fact dogs, reason why tourist destinations in our country, along with hotels and restaurants, have been willing to refurbish their spaces so you can happily travel with your beloved pup and find the best services for it, whether beside your table or even in your room. And of course, Puerto Vallarta is no exception, and in this note we will write about the main pet friendly spots; hotels, restaurants, and tips so your travels with them by your side becomes memorable.

Remember that every hotel, restaurant, and airline have their own policies regarding pets, so make sure to revise ahead of time and before you make your reservations.



Puerto Vallarta Pet friendly

Sheraton Buganvilias Resort & Convention Center

This hotel is located right where the Malecon Zone in Puerto Vallarta starts, which gives you the ease of getting to all the main entertainment areas in the destination fast. If you plan to stay here, consider that they only allow one pet per room, weighing no more than 40lbs (18kg), paying an extra nightly fee. Pets are not allowed in the restaurants or pool area, but you can have fun walks by the beach for sure. In your reservation, dishes for food and water are included, as well as bags for their needs.

The hotel has an adults-only area, the Sheraton Club Lounge, where pets are not allowed, but you are more than welcome to escape to this elegant spot just for you. You can leave your pet in the room, and rest assured it will be safe and will be happy to see you when you come back from the Lounge. All these experiences, plus many more will make your pet’s stay and yours memorable, and enchanting Puerto Vallarta will take care of the rest. 

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Westin - Marriott

This 5-star hotel is a true jewel facing the Pacific Ocean that you can enjoy alongside your pet. You can bring 2 pets per room, weighing no more than 44lb (20kg) each, with an extra fee for each. It includes an odor neutralizer mat for your room. The maximum height that your canine friend can be is between 2.3 and 2.6ft (70-80cm) have you measured it yet? Just to know if it can come along on your next vacation. And make sure your pet is a quiet one, so your stay can be a harmonious one for you and the rest of the guests, and the hotel’s staff will treat you just like you deserve. Pets are not allowed in the pool area, but can happily swim in the ocean if you wish so. Here, you’ll find everything you need to enjoy your vacation in paradise.

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Puerto Vallarta Pet friendly


Mio Hotel

This adults-only hotel redefines the concept of business trips, plus you get to bring your pet along! It has a privileged location, very close to shopping and business centers and the best restaurants located over the main boulevard, Francisco Medina Ascencio.

Unlike other hotels, Mio Hotel welcomes any kind of pet, up to two per room, with a $380 pesos fee for each per night. In the case of dogs, they accept up to a medium Labrador. Floor 2 is the one you’d stay in, which has been fit for you and your pet, offering a free dish for water, food, and even a dog diaper. You and your pet can enjoy all areas of the hotel, as long as it’s on a leash or in your arms in the case of small breeds. You’ll be more than welcome to savor the delicious cuisine at their restaurant La Cocina de Romero alongside your pet, but only in the terrace for a bit more space and freedom. When you want to head to the pool, you’ll have a gorgeous view of both the sea and the mountains. Remember that pets cannot swim in the pool. Contact the hotel for further details.

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Puerto Vallarta Pet friendly


Villa Mercedes Petit Hotel

A beautiful hotel offering studios, suites, and penthouses; their staff will happily welcome you and your furry companion. The hotel is located just a few steps from Los Muertos Beach, in the Romantic Zone in Puerto Vallarta.

Your pet will be offered dishes for food and water, so you don’t need to carry its own. You do need to bring its special bed though, in case it sleeps in one. There is no maximum number of pets per room, with a nightly extra fee for each. One of the beauties of this hotel is its unique design that you can certainly enjoy with your pet without any restrictions, as long as you are there, and with or without a leash.

Be pampered by their friendly staff; you and your pet will be treated like royalty.

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Casa Cúpula Boutique Hotel

This hotel stands out for their impeccable gay friendly service, a perfect host to the LGBTQ community. It is located close to the best entertainment centers in Puerto Vallarta, and it’s also a lovely spot for you and your pet to truly rest, since it’s located in a private hill with a stunning view of Banderas Bay. To pamper your pet, there is a package that includes a daily walk with an extra cost that is so worth getting.

Their restaurant service is open for breakfast, lunch, and Sunday brunch. For dinner, there are plenty of close restaurants in the Romantic Zone and all around town, where you can take your pet and enjoy together. 

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Other Pet Friendly Hotels


Puerto de Luna Pet Friendly & Family Suites 

Located on the main avenue in Puerto Vallarta, Puerto de Luna features 50 rooms, green areas, and an outdoor pool where you can enjoy the sun and all the beauties that make this destination unique. Your pet can stay with you in your room (up to 2 of them) with an extra fee and they’ll give you complimentary biodegradable bags, special beds, and drinkers. They have a special outdoor pet area where you can run free. This hotel is characterized for their love of pets and all the fun that is not just for humans. You can stroll through the main boulevard where the hotel is located; as there are also shopping centers that you can visit close by.

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San Trópico

Located in Marina Vallarta, this splendid hotel is found in a petit residential zone close and with easy access to everything. And to enjoy that, they offer bikes to their guests, so you can tour around with your canine friend. When considering staying at this hotel, take into account that dogs can weigh no more than 11lbs. (5kg); there is a maximum of 2 per room, with an extra nightly fee. When walking through the hotel, you always have to be together and your pet must be wearing a leash.

At rest time, you can be in the hammock area, perfect for reading, relaxing, and listening to music; pets are not allowed in the pool area. There are many attractions nearby, the beach is only a 10-minute walk, the marina is a gorgeous place to take endless walks along with your pet, with a couple of pet-friendly restaurants where you can eat.

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Puerto Vallarta Pet friendly


GalerÍas Vallarta

If you just love shopping, then you certainly have to visit this shopping center where one of the biggest department stores in town is located, as well as sporting goods, restaurants, jewelries, clothing stores, and of course, pet stores. You can stroll around the plaza as long as your furry friend has a leash and you take prompt care of its hygiene.

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Plaza Caracol

The first plaza to be ever open in Puerto Vallarta; a landmark for locals who frequently visit its cinema, shops, and restaurants. It also features handy services such as banks, a supermarket, shoe stores, and many others. You can wander around with your pet (only small breeds are allowed) on a leash and take care of hygiene at all times. We suggest bringing your own biodegradable bags.

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La Isla: Shopping Village

The most recent addition to shopping malls in our destination; the most exclusive clothing and jewelry are found in this open-air plaza, where you can happily stroll with your pet and enjoy its fountains, ice cream booths or cold drinks. Make sure to visit this spot; you and your pet will definitely enjoy it.

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Pet friendly aerolineas - Puerto Vallarta

If you visit Puerto Vallarta by plane, remember that the major US, Canadian, and domestic airlines that arrive at our destination have the option of travelling alongside your pet, following certain protocols and measures. Visit their links to know more.



Remember that in Puerto Vallarta pets are allowed to walk along and be by the beach, just consider that, as in many places, the simple requirement is that their leash is well-adjusted at all times, and that their owners carry biodegradable bags with them and take care of their feces, depositing them in the organic containers found in the destination. We suggest that if your dog is not used to people and is aggressive to them, do not take it for a walk where you can find many people. The Malecon can be crowded during weekends and holidays.




La Palapa / El Dorado

This dream spot has an unparalleled view, and you can enjoy an outstanding sunset alongside your pet, while you savor and marvel with the exquisite flavors found in every dish in its menu. The superb dishes in this restaurant are inspired by local ingredients, featuring exquisite and colorful proposals.

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Coco's Kitchen

You and your pet will not want to leave this place; everything in their menu is simply delicious. They’re open for breakfast, lunch, dinner, feature awesome desserts…everything you need for your stomach and palate to be absolutely happy. The staff at Coco's Kitchen will treat you marvelously, and this restaurant features the best cuisine you’ll find in Puerto Vallarta.

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Mr. Cream Marina

Marina Vallarta is a wonderful place to visit with your pet; you’ll both love it. We suggest stopping at Mr. Cream, where you’ll the ideal breakfast is waiting for you. Their menu is mainly based on waffles and pancakes, but you can also enjoy scrumptious chilaquiles, or their traditional Eggs Benedictine. Only open for breakfast and brunch.

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Food Park

Located in the main boulevard in Puerto Vallarta, this open-air spot features different kinds of food where you and your pet will be more than welcome. You can enjoy pizza, beer, snacks, sushi, margaritas, among other delicious options, with great service from all of them.

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This restaurant located in the heart of Puerto Vallarta offers an amazing ocean view that you and your pet will surely enjoy. Their menu has a lot of options, such as pasta, seafood, fish, delicious salads like the one with grilled shrimp, lettuce, orange, seeds, and avocado dressing, to name a few. Make sure to include Vitea in your gastronomic tour when visiting our heavenly destination. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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River Cafe

Located in downtown Puerto Vallarta, along the Cuale River, River Café is decorated with local art and features gourmet cuisine. The venue is perfect for you to visit with friends or your pet, or both! They are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Their menu is mainly based in Mediterranean cuisine, but it is so vast and delicious that you will have a hard time choosing. We suggest trying the marinated grilled octopus, the Ossobuco, or the roasted rack of lamb. Make sure to pair your food with wine, let the host suggest the best one to pair your meal.

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El Andariego

This traditional restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with a wonderful gastronomic offer and warm staff. Your pet is welcome, so both of you can enjoy the authentic Mexican atmosphere with vibrant colors, murals, sounds, and such an exceptional service that’ll make your visit a memorable experience. They have international dishes and an out-of-this-world guacamole prepared just how you like it.

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So, as you can see, Puerto Vallarta is the pet-friendly destination par excellence, so it’s time to start planning that trip so you and your furry friend share unforgettable moments together. See you soon!

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