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September 02, 2021

Travel trends: rural tourism

Rural Tourism: a travel trend to fall in love with

When it comes to collecting experiences and adventures during your travels, rural tourism is a great option that has caught a lot of attention during the past couple of years, because as you may have already experienced, an adventure must be filled with meaning and cherished moments, and this is precisely what travelers seek, especially nowadays.

The world is full of possibilities and landscapes to discover, and Puerto Vallarta offers the opportunity to delve into its culture, visit sites that few have the fortune of admiring, mingle with its people, and discover new experiences that make this destination one of a kind. And that’s exactly what rural tourism is all about.



Puerto Vallarta - Turismo Rural

Rural tourism is a travel style that seeks contact with nature and the true essence of a place, found mainly in its gastronomy and traditions. It’s about exploring small villages with roots still untouched, where their economy is based on agriculture, farming, or environmental conservation.

In addition, it’s a way of treasuring the identity of a place such as Puerto Vallarta and supporting its local economy, while at the same time you collect valuable memories.

Take a look at the different kinds of trips that make up rural tourism and that you can enjoy in the amazing Magical Towns and nearby villages when in Puerto Vallarta, and that’ll enrich your travel experience for sure.


Ecotourism – Contact with nature and nature reserves

Puerto Vallarta - Turismo Rural

From a trip to the Botanical Garden to helping preserve the only urban estuary in Latin America, there are many spots where you can enjoy ecotourism. Make sure to check out our link to eco adventures in Puerto Vallarta to find out more about great spots to enjoy and be in contact with nature.


Oenotourism – Discover more about the world of distillates

Puerto Vallarta Turismo Rural

Learn more about the art of distilling Raicilla, proudly from Puerto Vallarta in different Raicilleras that you’ll find mainly in Cabo Corrientes, just 40 minutes from Puerto Vallarta.


Gastrotourism – Delighting your palate

Puerto Vallarta - Turismo rural

This side of rural tourism gives you the opportunity of knowing, preparing, and tasting local cuisine. Places like San Sebastian del Oeste or Mascota are a great choice to savor the traditional flavors of this generous land, in products both from land and sea. If you'd rather try local cuisine without leaving town, make sure to check out our note to discover and explore the foodie scene in Puerto Vallarta.


Religious tourism – Vibrating with Mexican traditions

Puerto Vallarta Turismo Rural

Everywhere in Mexico, when patronal feasts are celebrated there is a big display of color and life, and in Puerto Vallarta there are many related festivities, starting with the Centenary of Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish which will take place on October 12th, 2021; the festivities for Saint Joseph from March 11th to 19th in Talpa de Allende; Our Virgin Mary ‘La Dolorosa’ in Mascota on May 15th; or El Tuito’s patronal feasts on January 12th, just to name a few.


Sports and adventure tourism – Be part of the action

Puerto Vallarta Turismo Rural

If you like to compete and put your physical resistance to the test, there are many options for you this coming year. Some of the events in the following months are: the National Doctor’s Day Race, taking place on October 24th, 2021; the 38th Vallarta Soccer Cup – Fall Edition from November 3rd to 11th; or the seventeenth edition of the Half Marathon and 5K Race Puerto Vallarta 2021 which will take place on November 7th, just to name some. Take a peek into our calendar of events to know about the different events that’ll take place.



Having the advice and assistance of a tourist professional who knows the area and its best-kept secrets well, is crucial to making this kind of trip turn into a unique and memorable experience.

They will be in charge of outlining the perfect plan, tailored to your interests, and taking you to all those amazing local spots and being in charge of logistics and transportation during your adventure.

Take a look at our directory of Tours and Activities.



A local entrepreneurship specialized in creating these kinds of experiences is the Urban Navigator, or Navegante Urbano in Spanish; a very interesting proposal indeed. In their own words, this project is dedicated to “the promotion and creation of tourist activities that reaffirm the identity of society”. And this is exactly what they do, making the most of the cultural elements in Puerto Vallarta, and making you a part of the socio-cultural and historical environment with tourism and ecotourism activities.

Take a look at their website:

So, what do you say, ready for an outstanding adventure like this? We’ll be waiting for you!

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