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December 30, 2021

Discover the 5 trendiest restaurants that are on everyone’s lips

As the Gastronomic Capital of Mexico, Puerto Vallarta is constantly expanding its culinary offer, with more and more options that you can enjoy in more than 1,000 restaurants from 30 different countries. Whatever your craving is, you’ll surely find it in this enchanting destination, ready to delight your palate. And today, we want to share with you 5 restaurants that are on everyone's lips for their innovative cuisine, service and location.

Time to work up an appetite!


Located in the trendy Versalles neighborhood, which since a few years ago has become a gastronomic center worth visiting for its wide variety of culinary options, is Cha' with its “free kitchen” concept. This type of gastronomy is based on seasonal products available in local markets, which means that the ingredients are always fresh.

You can arrive for breakfast and try some classic Eggs and beans. Besides looking spectacular on your plate, because they take great care in the presentation of their dishes, its flavor is simply exquisite and out of the traditional, like you’ve never tried before. We also suggest the "Red velvet pancakes", prepared with three milks, strawberry coulis, raspberries, mint and lemon glaze. Sounds delicious and tastes even better.

But if you prefer to arrive for brunch, how about ordering a Grilled steak huarache? or some Shrimp chilaquiles? Try them and be sure to let us know what you think.

We have to mention that you’ll be able to get into the kitchen if you wish, as they always welcome diners who want to see how and where their dishes are prepared.

Another great option to delight your palate here is their POP-UP dinner menu. Dishes delicately selected to offer a mixture of exquisite flavors, combined of course with your favorite drink, cocktail or wine. Their staff will be happy to guide you on what goes best with the dishes you select.

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If you like seafood, but with a gourmet touch both in taste and presentation, then this place is for you. One of the best foodie areas in Puerto Vallarta, Versalles,

is home to this venue with fresh seafood, delicious drinks, cocktails and exquisite desserts.

And just to mention some of its culinary delights, how about a variation of the famous regional aguachile? If you haven’t tried it yet, let us tell you about it: raw shrimp marinated in lemon, accompanied by red onion and cucumber with a spicy sauce, usually made with serrano chili, hence its name. In the case of this restaurant, it has several options such as the Black Aguachile (black sauce, morita and habanero chilis and cilantro) or the Coconut Aguachile (with jicama, shredded coconut, habanero chili and sweet coconut cream), both finger-licking good. Another dish you should also try are their ceviches, such as the Peruvian, made with tilapia chunks, corn, cucumber, onion, cilantro and serrano chili, simply delicious!

They have the vegan and vegetarian alternative of changing any seafood for quinoa. As for drinks, they offer craft beers, a variety of cocktails and you should not miss their delicious coconut lime water. A spot you should definitely visit.

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Bonito Kitchen


This unique restaurant makes a perfect fusion between Vietnamese cuisine and the gastronomy of the coast of Puerto Vallarta. Its name is due to the meaning of the word Bonito (beautiful), besides the fact that the bonito fish (Sarda sarda) is one of the most used in Japanese cuisine and native to the Mexican Pacific waters. So, both meanings speak of the passion they put into their dishes, and this is evident at a glance. How about trying the Pork belly and Shrimp Dumplings, or the Lobster Dumplings?

We also suggest you try their noodles, characteristic of Asian cuisine and of course of this place, be sure to include in your choice the spicy Tan Tan with sesame tahini and Sichuan pepper, minced pork, spinach and peppercorn, or the noodles with red miso, ginger, garlic broth with chashu (slow-cooked pork belly), spinach, corn, and naruto (pressed and steamed fish paste), such a delight! The drinks menu is also amazing, offering a variety of cocktails and lemonades, as well as classic wines, beers or a delicious carajillo (espresso with Licor 43- a sweet Spanish liqueur).



La Tienda Grande

And as the options that our enchanting destination offers expand to little known areas in gastronomic matters, we suggest you visit La Tienda Grande located right in the center of the Ixtapa neighborhood. The place where this restaurant was established used to be in the 40's the meeting point where the locals got various products, so the Vallartan chef Salvador Carrillo was inspired by this fact to reclaim the name La Tienda Grande where you can now enjoy his dishes infused with culinary passion.

So, if you love to try local food for a delicious breakfast, you can try a classic omelet with all the homemade style that characterizes this venue, prepared with gouda cheese, accompanied by a muffin or a portion of salad. You can choose between a red or green homemade sauce, or a creamy white wine and mushroom sauce, with poblano or pasilla pepper. The seasoning was inspired by Chef Carrillo’s grandma's cooking.

Another delicious option for lunch or dinner, are the sweet potato gnocchis, deliciously prepared with a mushroom filling and pea puree, or how about the butter octopus? So yummy that you won't know which one to choose.

And of course, like any good restaurant, cocktails combine with the passion of its cuisine, and you simply must try the "mijito", refreshing as any cocktail, prepared with tequila, coriander seeds and piloncillo, a daring mix of ingredients!

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The Top


We obviously could not leave behind the Romantic Zone in Puerto Vallarta, an area with great places to have lunch, dinner, breakfast, or simply enjoy a refreshing cocktail. We recommend you visit this Sky Bar located in this area.

One of the favorites of the LGBT community for its great live shows, where you will also find amazing drinks and magnificent quality food options. And since happy hour is all about a good drink, here you can try the traditional mojitos, or a classic margarita, but you can also be surprised by a new mixology recipe. Let yourself be carried away by the bartender's suggestions!

Their breakfast is great, and for lunch or dinner we can suggest the dish with pieces of grilled salmon with a special ginger dressing, ask for it as Salmon Bites. Tostadas de aguachile or a seafood Vuelve a la Vida cocktail are also among the suggestions. At any time of day, you’re more than welcome to explore their menus, which you’ll surely love. Visit their website to find out about upcoming shows, which combined with their delicious food, will guarantee you hours of absolute delight.



Now that you know the 5 trendiest places that are on everyone's lips, you’ll want to take note and include them in your list of must-visit places in Puerto Vallarta. Take a look at our note where we tell you about the different gastronomic areas to complete your list and explore more about what our destination has to offer. Because the beach is best enjoyed accompanied by good gastronomy. See you here soon!

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