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December 29, 2021

Your guide to the best International Cuisine Restaurants in Puerto Vallarta

There are places that steal your heart when you get to know them, and the bond that unites you to them is so great that you must return to recover your north, your reason and your sense. This was the destiny of many chefs who, upon visiting Puerto Vallarta, decided to leave their countries of origin to undertake a new adventure in this generous town and call it their home.

There are so many stories that are cooked behind our gastronomy, that to dedicate a trip just to taste the flavors that place Puerto Vallarta as the Best Culinary Destination in Mexico, would take weeks. That is why we thought of making a selection of the best specialty restaurants from other parts of the world, and thus give you a taste of what awaits you in the more than 1,000 restaurants from 30 different countries that come together in this paradise.

Enjoy the gastronomic journey!


Kaiser Maximilian | Austria

You are welcomed by its host Andreas Rupprechter to the ambiance of an Austrian bistro evoking the old Vienna. He decided to name his restaurant in honor of a fellow countryman, the former Emperor of Mexico Maximilian of Habsburg, whom Andreas jokingly assures "would’ve loved to dine here for the fine selection of dishes that incorporate traditional elements of Austrian cuisine". Located in the heart of the Romantic Zone, this restaurant's European sidewalk cafe style and elegant crystal chandeliered lounge offers an exciting dining experience and has been a Puerto Vallarta favorite for decades now.

Must-tries: The Onion soup for starters, an ode to European cuisine. To continue, the Pan roasted duck breast with foie gras, and for a sweet end try their Warm chocolate gooey cake with lemon verbena and mint ice cream. You’re on vacation, it’s ok to sin.

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Café des Artistes | France

Another restaurant of great tradition in Puerto Vallarta. Café des Artistes defines itself as a restaurant of "French cuisine with Mexican inspiration". Behind every dish is the passion and creativity of French chef Thierry Blouet who offers a menu sprinkled with truly Mexican flavors, with a constant culinary innovation. To complement the sensory experience, this restaurant features three areas with one-of-a-kind ambiances: the romantic exterior garden, with a delightful lighting design and decorated with sculptures, available from November to May, months where you can enjoy the fresh outdoors; P'Yote Lounge, an artistic space that pays tribute to the Huichol culture; and its elegant interior lounge featuring semi-private spaces, where you will find the Drops Salon, named after the multiple drops of blown glass hanging from its ceiling.

Must-tries: their Tasting Menu will give you more than one reason to surrender to its charms. It is composed of 5 courses to choose from and you choose if to pair it with Chef Blouet's wine selection for each course, straight from his cellar of more than 2,500 bottles of 450 different labels. The tender cactus aguachile is a delight to the palate, and the sweet habanero chili with passion fruit mousse is simply beyond words.

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OPA Greek Bistro | Greece

Greece is also present in Puerto Vallarta, specifically in the Versalles Zone. OPA immediately reminds you of Greek villas with its white décor and cobalt tones. The fusion of sea and land products adds different flavors and textures to the menu designed by chef Gabriel Gómez de la Fuente, who left to sail the seas aboard the cruise ships he worked on before falling in love with Puerto Vallarta. The ingredients that are usually the stars of Mediterranean cuisine such as olive oil, vinegars, vegetables, cheeses, meats, fish and seafood are used by Gabriel to create authentic delicacies of Greek gastronomy.

Must-tries: to whet your appetite, the most traditional hors d'oeuvre in Greece, a Saganaki made with roasted and flamed feta cheese, which when served at Greek tables, diners shout OPA! To continue, the astounding Rack of lamb accompanied by vegetables, and for dessert, be sure to try their crepes with Baklava pastry. 

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La Dolce Vita | Italy


After almost 30 years of delighting palates, La Dolce Vita is considered by many as one of the best restaurants to enjoy pasta and pizza outside Italy.

The menu is exquisite, with a magnificent location by the iconic Malecon, making it a favorite spot for locals and visitors to admire the sunset while enjoying its delicious cuisine and uncorking a bottle of wine from the restaurant’s extensive wine cellar. "Where Italy lives in Mexico" led by Steffano Santini and Paolo Marín. Their latest branch in the Romantic Zone is just as charming.


Florios | Italian-Argentinian

In the " fuego y campo” (fire and country) style cuisine of this Italian-Argentine specialties’ restaurant, chefs Filippo Bonini and Miguel Valenzuela bring together the homemade recipes of their homeland, Florence, Italy and Entre Rios, Argentina -hence the name Flo-Rios-, showcasing an array of pastas, pizzas, meats, fish and empanadas. Florios is a restaurant with a lot of heart, and a fireplace inside a large house in downtown that was inhabited in the 1920's by the first Municipal President of Puerto Vallarta, José de Jesús Langarica, and from which aromas of firewood emanate and delicacies from the sea as well as meat cuts are prepared. They have an equally surprising location in the Versalles Zone.

Must-tries: everything that comes out of their oven is spectacular. Salads are an excellent choice for starters and their Milanese gorgonzola with pomodoro sauce and baked gratin cheese mix, will make you sigh more than once. For dessert, let the chef surprise you the creation of the day.

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Mikado | Japan 

Located at the Marina in Puerto Vallarta, inside the Marriott Casa Magna Hotel, Mikado recreates the atmosphere of the typical Japanese Yakiniku-ya, with teppanyaki grills installed at your table so you can enjoy the show offered by chefs specialized in these cooking techniques right in front of you. The menu is in charge of the prestigious chef Fred Ruíz, a proud Jalisco native who has traveled to different cities in the United States to put his passion for gastronomy to practice, and in his own words: "when you are Mexican, the culture of cooking never leaves". So, prepare your palate to delight it with authentic creations of Japanese and Asian-inspired cuisine.

Must-tries: teppanyakis should definitely be on your list. The combination with lobster is exquisite, while their freshly prepared sushi bar will give you reasons to return. Their "Flavors of Asia" selection includes a finger-licking chicken satay with peanut sauce. 

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Trío Restaurant Bar | Mediterranean

In 1997, young German chef Bernhard Güth decided to bring to Puerto Vallarta a fresh perspective on Mediterranean food, and acquired a colonial mansion in the heart of downtown that would become Trio Restaurant Bar. Legend has it that he named it after the “Tres Gallos”, Pedro Infante, Jorge Negrete and Javier Solis. Today, together with his friend, Swedish chef Ulf Henriksson, this restaurant-gallery -as it exhibits an extensive art collection- offers its diners a delicious Mediterranean menu that has become a must-stop for haute cuisine lovers.

Must-tries: you'll find something for every taste on their extensive menu, but you definitely have to try the chef's specials. The baked lobster tail on pappardelle bathed in lobster sauce or the veal sweetbread and green asparagus salad are extraordinary. Something sweet? Try their Caramelized mango crepe with coconut ice cream and hibiscus reduction.

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Barcelona Tapas | Spain

They say that a person belongs to the place where his heart is, and such is the case of chef William Carballo, born in Chicago to a Cuban father and an Irish-American mother, who at an early age traveled to Spain to study the culinary arts and fell in love with the country’s cuisine, particularly with the traditional tapas. So, in the year 2000, after working in some restaurants in Chicago, he decided to move to Puerto Vallarta and adapted the rooftop of his house downtown and turned it into what today is known as Barcelona Tapas, one of the best-established restaurants in town.

Must-tries: their Hot tapas have the feature of being cooked over firewood, which gives them a unique flavor. Their Paellas made at the moment are simply exquisite. It has a Brunch area and a spectacular Lounge from where you can admire ocean views and the stunning sunsets in Puerto Vallarta.

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Budaixi | Taiwan

Yes, Taiwanese cuisine is also present in this gastronomic capital. Under the slogan "Taiwanese Kitchen and Soul" is just what you’ll find in this contemporary and casual restaurant in the Versailles Zone: lots of soul and authentic flavors. Its name refers to the typical puppet theaters in Taiwan that serve as interpreters of epic stories for their audience, making an exact parallel to what Chef Yaya Huang of Budaixi offers her diners: an interpretation of traditional Taiwanese cuisine, with local ingredients and flavors that are familiar to Western culture.

Must tries: the Budai Bao, which is basically a Taiwanese Guabao, with a delightful garnish of pickles, simply delicious. Dumplings, and homemade noodles are a must!


Siam Cocina Thai | Thailand 

With a minimalist decoration that imminently takes you back to Orient cultures, in sober tones and brightly colored accents, Siam arrives to downtown Puerto Vallarta, with its exceptional Thai cuisine and South Asian flavors, led by Michael Boufford. Originally from Toronto, Michael has a wide trajectory in the gastronomic world which began in his native city, and he pours his originality into a varied menu with vegetarian and gluten free options, and a cocktail menu worthy of adventurous palates. Its branch in the Gaviotas neighborhood, behind Versalles, is also a great option.

Must-tries: their Tom Kah Gai soup with coconut milk, chicken and ginger with lemon leaves is insane, while the wonders they prepare in their woks faithfully reproduce the spicy flavors and crispy textures of Thai cuisine - be sure to try their Pad Thai and Salmon Curry, they’re absolutely delicious. The Spicy Ginger margarita will perfectly accompany your evening. 

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So, as you can see, a long and exciting journey through different world cuisines is waiting for you in Puerto Vallarta, ready to bring to your table an absolute flavor feast.


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