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June 18, 2019

Everything you need for you and your pet to enjoy a great visit to Puerto Vallarta

If you’re fond of traveling with your pet, or you don’t like to leave it home alone, you should know that in Puerto Vallarta you can find lots of Pet-Friendly services such as restaurants, cafeterias, hotels and beaches, where it is possible to access with your furry companion. We strongly suggest you check very carefully the lodging options that take in pets, so you won’t have any inconvenience upon your arrival into your destination.


You can have lots of fun with all the activities available in Puerto Vallarta for you and your pet, from a walk through the boardwalk Malecon, up to practicing paddle board together. You can also find different places where they offer free snacks and water, so that your companion can eat and drink.


If you have decided to travel by road, don’t forget to bring with you some food and water so that it can be calm during the trip. If you have decided to travel by plane, you need to know that most of domestic and international airlines offer direct flight into Puerto Vallarta, and with the possibility of traveling with your four-leg friend.

If this plan is of your best interest, please take note of the following regulations and suggestions:

  • Verify and gather all necessary documents that airlines request for travelling with pets.
  • Remember to bring with you a kennel according to your pet’s size so it can travel as comfortable as possible.
  • Your pet must be clean and in good shape, otherwise it won’t be able to board the aircraft.
  • If your pet is a female, she won’t be allowed to travel if she’s pregnant or sedated.

Airline regulations establish that only one pet per passenger in the cabin is allowed to travel, and must cover the following requirements:

  • The maximum size for a kennel traveling in the cabin is of 40 x 30 x 23 cm(15 x 12 x 9”).
  • The maximum weight allowed for your pet traveling in the cabin is of 5 kg (11 lb), including the kennel.
  • The kennel must be made out of a soft material since it must be placed below the front seat. Your pet must remain inside the kennel during the whole flight.
  • There is an extra charge for pets traveling inside the cabin (except for service dogs, which shall also comply with extra regulations)


Your faithful companion may also travel in the aircraft’s cargo compartment paying and extra charge. It must travel inside a kennel made out of hard material, should be of a size according to your pet, must have absorbent pads, and must remain closed during the whole flight. Don’t forget to label the kennel with your personal and your pet’s data as well as your flight information.

Don’t think more about it! The best adventures are waiting for you! Bring your furry companion and live an unforgettable holidays!

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