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May 10, 2020

Gift ideas for Mom

Puerto Vallarta will always be a reference for beautiful beaches, magical places, and warm people but it is also known for having a lot of art galleries inspired by the Huichol culture, these range from vessels, ornaments, beauty accessories to traditional clothing.  Furthermore, in Puerto Vallarta you can find piece of art of all kinds by great local, national and even international talents, which makes this beach destination a unique place if you are looking for the perfect gift for mom. 

We show you some ideas that maybe you didn’t have in mind to give to mom on this day. Surprise her with a special gift from Puerto Vallarta, so every time she sees, uses or smells it, she can also remember the moments lived in this beautiful city.

1.-Huichol Handicraft

If your mom likes to paint her days with colors, an original piece created by the Huichol ethnic group will be the perfect gift for her during her trip to Puerto Vallarta. In addition, it will make her feel very special, since each of its pieces carries a meaning that will attract prosperity, success, health or wisdom.

2.-Handmade chocolates, by yourself at the “Chocolate Museum”

It is said that chocolate represented for our ancestors the food of the gods, and who has not been captivated by its different flavors and consistencies that melt even the most demanding palate? In Puerto Vallarta, you can create Mom's favorite chocolate with the flavor that she likes the most in one of the two chocolate museums in the destination.

3.- Unique jewelry made with river and ocean elements

And when it comes to personalized gifts, local jewelers will always help you to create a unique piece, from necklaces, earrings and bracelets, to pendants, key chains and headbands with natural elements extracted from our rivers and the sea to make your mother feel like a beautiful tropical mermaid.

4.-Authentic Raicilla or Tequila Bottle

Spirits or traditional distillates that belong to our region and the State of Jalisco by appellation of origin, without doubt will be an unexpected gift that all adults in the family can enjoy and will be a reason for celebration.

5.- Blown Glass decoration by Mundo de Cristal

And what mom doesn't keep as her most precious treasure the crafts that decorate the cupboard and that she always uses in special gatherings? Without a doubt, a piece of art made with blown glass, she will love it and keep it for many years, since it is not easy to find something with the unique touch of Jalisco artisans.

6.- Handmade Painting by a local at the boardwalk

If it is about immortalizing moments, why not a painting with the picture of your mother, while enjoying the sunset on the boardwalk captured by local artist? It will be the perfect element that is needed to decorate a corner of home.

7.- Sergio Bustamante Sculpture

For those moms with more demanding tastes, there is also an excellent option for them in the Art Gallery of “Sergio Bustamante”, a renowned sculptor from Guadalajara, Jalisco who stands out for exporting his pieces to the world with surreal touches and elements of nature turning them into works of highly exclusive art.

8.- Woven Palm Bag by local artisans

We all know that women cannot resist to the charm of a bag to add to the collection they have at home, so it should not be missing in your mom's wardrobe, a palm woven bag that gives a totally organic and casual touch to the purest Vallarta style.

9.- Linen Dress from the municipal market

If your mom is going to appreciate something during the hot season, it is that you have given a linen garment that will make her feel fresh all day, as well as comfortable and elegant while enjoying a dinner during her stay in Puerto Vallarta.

10.- Colorful hammock made by artisans from the region

Or you can always give your mom a moment of comfort and relaxation at home, by giving her a hammock made by artisans from the region, which surely every time she uses it will be transported to the unforgettable memories she lived on her weekend of celebration in Puerto Vallarta

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