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May 10, 2020

Mother nature in all its glory

In Puerto Vallarta you can feel the contact with nature practically all around you. Here, we tell you about some places and ecological activities that perhaps you didn’t know and that you can enjoy. If your mom is a lover of the outdoors, nature, flora and fauna, we promise you that some of these places or activities will delight her. Take the opportunity to pamper her on this special day and every day.

The Vallarta Botanical Garden is the great display of exotic and native flora of Puerto Vallarta. Its hundreds of square meters full of plants, trees, and wildlife such as birds, raccoons, etc. are the walls and ornaments that you will see if you decide to take a tour of this garden, which is among the 5 best botanical gardens of 2019 according to USA TODAY.

The journey, the sight, the feeling, and the emotion of seeing and being is extraordinary and you can only feel it by living the experience. We invite you to explore this place, which is surrounded by the Horcones River, where you can also take a refreshing bath at the end of your tour.


The ocean is the biggest ecosystem on Earth, it is the planet’s life support system. Our security, our economy, our very survival all require healthy oceans.

In Puerto Vallarta, whale watching is one of the most impressive activities in nature you can participate in. Humpback Whales migrate to the area from December to April to breed and give birth, and treat visitors to incredible sightings. Of all the whales, the humpbacks are the most spectacular ones thanks to their breaching, lobtailing, flippering and their beautiful songs, which are part of their courtship rituals. Mother humpback whales and their calves communicate to each other through soft squeaks and grunts. It is thought that by “whispering”, mums are able to keep track of their calves while the soft sounds make it harder for potential predators to hear them.

There are also different dolphin species in our bay, we can find bottlenose dolphins, spotted dolphins, spinner dolphins, rough toothed dolphins and with luck you can find Orcas. You can see giant mantas and marine turtles as well (turtles come to lay their eggs on Puerto Vallarta’s beaches from July through November)


The Salado Mangrove Estuary is a paradise for nature enthusiasts. This beautiful protected expanse of mangroves and palm trees is a sanctuary for over 100 species of birds, fish, crustaceans, amphibians, reptiles such as iguanas and river crocodiles as well assorted mammals like raccoons and possums. Boat tours through the Estero el Salado are led by biologists, from which visitors can observe the great diversity of wildlife.

Mother Nature continues to surprise us with the arrival of different species. Under the shade of the trees the nests are ready, in the sand are the nests of the crocodiles and in the bark and hollows of the trees the dens for the female raccoons are being prepared.

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