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April 27, 2017

Las Gemelas Beach, Yours to Discover

 Puerto Vallarta is a destination that holds many secrets worth discovering. You most certainly have read articles referring to a place as “one of Puerto Vallarta’s best kept secrets”, and after having visited that place, you probably thought: “Had I known before, I would have probably been here several times already”. Las Gemelas Beach is one of those well-kept secrets.

Las Gemelas is Spanish for “The Twins”. The beach takes its name after the fact that it is actually two nearly identical beaches, separated by a rocky outcrop. The beach distinguishes itself for its very fine golden sand and amazingly transparent water that shows colors ranging from crystal blue to emerald green. It is bordered by tropical vegetation, which can provide a cool shade.

Las Gemelas beach is located 20 minutes south from Downtown, on the road to Mismaloya, and can be reached by taking a cab or using public transportation, there are buses going from Colonia Emiliano Zapata to Mismaloya and Boca de Tomatlán. You can also get there by taking a water taxi at Los Muertos Pier. The same water taxi service connects Las Gemelas with other beaches further south.  

At Las Gemelas you can enjoy the sun and work on a fabulous tan. You can also play on the sand, maybe some beach soccer or volleyball, or throw a Frisbee. You can naturally swim or play in the crystal clear water. In the nearby rocky outcrops you can practice snorkeling. At times, boats come near the shore and offer banana boat or parachute rides.

Discover Las Gemelas beach in Puerto Vallarta

If you plan to visit Las Gemelas, it is recommendable to get there early to secure a spot near the trees and benefit from a cool shade. It is also a good idea to bring bottled water, soda, as well as fruit and snacks, since there are no stores there. In any event, make sure to bring a good beach umbrella, sunglasses, and high factor sunblock. Oh, and indeed, remember to bring plastic bags to carry your trash back with you to the nearest trash can.

The opportunity to discover one of Puerto Vallarta’s best kept secrets, and to enjoy a day of fun in the sun, the sand and the surf, working on your suntan for everyone back home to envy, and to share good times with friends and family are excellent reasons to come to Las Gemelas.

In Puerto Vallarta there are other beaches waiting to be discovered by you. Venture and marvel at the discovery!

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