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February 11, 2021

Romantic getaway in Puerto Vallarta: all you need to know

When you think of a romantic getaway, do you picture you and your loved one in a hammock admiring the view on a remote beach? How about a spa afternoon? Or wandering around the picturesque and traditional neighborhoods in Puerto Vallarta, learning together all about the destination’s art and traditions? Hold on! Would you rather add some adrenaline to your trip and rappel down stunning waterfalls along that special person?

Well, these ideas and everything else you can imagine as the perfect romantic getaway, you can find in Puerto Vallarta. It couldn’t be any other way, since this destination combines natural beauty, art and culture, plus an outstanding hospitality.

We want to share with you three trip proposals for a romantic getaway that can well be the option you’re seeking to spend some time away with your significant other.

Just you, your couple, and the sea

We know few can resist the idea of spending some days of sand and sea, so this is a selection of the three most romantic beaches in Puerto Vallarta, but trust us, the list could be longer since every beach has its unique charm:

Conchas Chinas Beach
Just 10 minutes away from town, this paradise for two is breathtaking, with its turquoise blue waters and soft sand. Surprise your loved one by organizing an oceanfront picnic. We guarantee it’ll be memorable.

Madagascar Beach
You can reach this beach by boat, or if you and your couple prefer to hike, you can take the trail from Boca de Tomatlán. Crystalline waters, a chilled atmosphere, and a small but beautiful beach is waiting for you to spend a sunny day together.

Camarones Beach
Located downtown, this beach still preserves a relaxed atmosphere. You can rent a couple of chairs and an umbrella to enjoy nothing else than the sound of the ocean and the local cuisine. Or, you can sit at one of the trendy restaurants and bars that are found by the beach. 

Just you, your couple, and the sea


An afternoon of art + romance

Many international destinations include in their not-to-be-missed lists well-mapped artistic routes called Art Walks, and Puerto Vallarta is surely one of them. The cultural and artistic scene found in this port is embellished with the works of renowned artists, as well as emerging talents that join the art collections in the galleries located downtown and in the Romantic Zone. So if you and your couple enjoy art expressions and admiring them along a glass of wine or a coffee, or having a romantic dinner at the end of the walk, make sure to include it in your romantic getaway. 

An afternoon of art + romance


Adrenaline for two

When there is complicity between couples, things seem a lot easier. Reason why we encourage you to unleash your adventurous spirit and do that activity you’ve always wanted but were afraid to do…until now. You’ll have your couple’s unconditional support of course, and the professionalism of the certified tour operators.

Jump from a plane at 8,000 feet (2,500m), and free fall at more than 120 miles (190km) per hour to then open up your parachute and fly over Puerto Vallarta. Out of this world, right?

A groundbreaking extreme sport, very much like surfing in the air with an aerodynamic board. Put your balance to the test and see which of the two lasts longer in the air. You’ll love the experience and will want to repeat it for sure!

Zip lines
A fav for many, zip line tours are mind-blo-wing! If you have not experienced it yet, imagine flying through the trees held by a harness with a pulley system that descends through a safety cord many feet above the ground. Depending on the slope and distance, you can reach more than 72 miles (100km) per hour. Pure adrenaline!

Puerto Vallarta Adrenaline

So what do you think? You surely now have the ideal plan. Be sure to share snapshots of your romantic getaway to Puerto Vallarta on our social media.

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