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December 16, 2020

The best adventure tours in Puerto Vallarta

With a privileged location between the Sierra Madre Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, Puerto Vallarta offers endless adventures to explore and enjoy. On this post we’d like to share with you some of the most extreme tours to plan an adventure trip to this paradise known as one of the trendiest destinations in Mexico.      

Zip lines

Live an adrenaline rush whilst overflying the tropical jungle descending on a zip line. If you have nerves of steel and want to feel the thrill of flying 65 feet above the ground, then this is definitely for you. Along the way you’ll encounter the fascinating fauna that inhabits this amazing land, such as coatis, ocelots and margays, iguanas and multicolored birds. In our directory you’ll find tour operators that can organize for you an exciting fun-filled day along the zip lines in Puerto Vallarta.

Whale watching

Experience an epic encounter between December and March, when whales visit our seas to give birth to their young and mate. If you just love marine animals, then meeting these imposing, yet friendly cetaceans must be on your bucket list of tours in Puerto Vallarta. Whale watching is an authentic photo safari, a unique experience where you’ll admire the majestic humpback whales and their amazing leaps and flips. You can’t miss it!

In the depths

The Pacific has been chosen for decades by divers and marine biologists as the place to discover and study the abundant marine life that lives in the shores of Puerto Vallarta. Its lukewarm waters are perfect for immersion, with an average temperature of 75°F (24°C) in winter and 85°F (29°C) in summer.
The best places to scuba dive in Puerto Vallarta include Los Arcos Marine Park, with its amazing Devil’s Canyon, Bajo del Cristo, and The Aquarium. You must include in your list a private tour to Las Caletas Beach, to admire the rays living on their coral reef; El Morro with its spectacular pinnacles rising from the ocean floor creating dozens of tunnels and caves; Los Anegados and its rocky bank which serve as a perfect hideout for rays, eels, jacks, and tuna; or Chimo and its “churches”, underwater rock formations similar to cathedral pillars with colorful fish banks.

Cycling through the Sierra Madre Mountains

Discover Puerto Vallarta mountain biking through the tropical forest and jungle landscapes of the Sierra Madre. If you’re an experienced cyclist, then you must venture into El Salto and its steep trails that lead to a gorgeous waterfall; reach the peak of the Cerro de La Cruz Lookout to admire a panoramic view of the bay; or challenge your resistance cycling 40 km all the way to Los Horcones bridge.
If you’re more into routes that do not require so much physical effort, we recommend riding around the Malecon, the Cuale River and the Romantic Zone, or choose the Boca de Tomatlan route that borders the shore with incredible views of the Pacific. 
Contact certified guides to help you find the best tour that adapts to your level of   experience.

Aboard an ATV

In Puerto Vallarta you’ll find many tour operators that offer off-road ATV tours. This has to be on your bucket list if you enjoy exploring dirt trails in the middle of the tropical jungle and feeling the power of the vehicle while driving through curves, rivers, waterfalls, and winding paths until you reach landscapes that still remain intact to civilization. Some tours include visits to local Haciendas and Rancherias to learn more about its gastronomy and enjoy Mexico’s distilled spirit par excellence: tequila.
Pick your ideal vehicle, 4-wheeler, dune buggy, UTV, or sand rail, and explore the extreme side of Puerto Vallarta on this tour that’s a perfect mix between adventure, adrenaline, and fun. 
Some tour operators have the option of combining this kind of tours with zip lines, horseback riding, and snorkeling, just to name a few.
Enjoy the adventure in Puerto Vallarta!

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