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December 16, 2020

Your next winter vacation in Puerto Vallarta

December is here, and the holiday season has arrived: a time for sharing and spending cherished moments among your loved ones. 2020 has been a year full of challenges without a doubt, and most of us are looking forward to a fresh start, spending time with the family, and enjoying the outdoors. Can you picture a better place to get away from it all and do all this along your favorite people than Puerto Vallarta?
We can’t, and that’s why we want to share with you some of the activities that can make your winter vacation in Puerto Vallarta an exceptional and memorable journey.

Whale-watching season!

From December to March, these beautiful and majestic cetaceans visit the coasts of Puerto Vallarta to give birth to their young and mate. During these months you can admire them, as playful calves and impressive mothers leap from the waters and flop back with a powerful crash, giving an incredible spectacle, with water spouting through its blowholes.
They are so friendly that they will come to greet you during your ride, laid out by the skilled guides and biologists that accompany you, which will also teach you about the humpback whale habits and fun facts.

Swimming with wild dolphins

Have you ever swum with dolphins in their natural habitat? If you haven’t, then you definitely have to add it to your bucket list. This tour will take you to visit a group of resident bottle-nosed dolphins. You’ll be able to listen to them through the hydrophones available on board, and, depending on their activity, dive and swim with them.
Some tour operators include children younger than 4 years old accompanied by an adult in their tour pricing.
Fun fact: the companies that offer this adventure, fit for the entire family, operate under the philosophy of being humane with this beautiful and amazing animals, and with the purpose of providing the opportunity to learn more about this species so people can join in the mission of wildlife conservation in our planet. 

Days of sun, sand, and sea

Tens of miles of coastline equip Puerto Vallarta with many beaches to choose from and enjoy. Whether you’re looking to savor the local cuisine, including the famous “zarandeado” fish in Boca de Tomates; discover natural treasures and explore the lush beauty of Quimixto, Yelapa, and Majahuitas; or visit Colomitos, the smallest beach in Mexico, the options are endless.
We invite you to take a look at the most emblematic beaches in Puerto Vallarta to choose your favorite one. 

The best accommodation

As you already know, Puerto Vallarta is known as The Friendliest City in the World, because of the unparalleled warmth of its people. In the hotel of your choosing, you’ll experience extraordinary service no matter your plan, whether it’s All-inclusive or accommodation only.
Many of their restaurants offer haute cuisine, spa services, and activities. So if you’re planning a family getaway, this can be the ideal option for you.

Charming nearby towns

Since you are already in paradise, venture into the surroundings of Puerto Vallarta and discover the most emblematic towns in the region, such as San Sebastian del Oeste and its mining history dating back to mid 17th Century, with exquisite gastronomy and the second most important botanical garden in Mexico; Mascota, with its interesting museums, traditional sweets, and the opportunity of horseback riding to admire stunning landscapes. If you want to learn more about nearby towns in Puerto Vallartaclick here.
If you’re planning an adventure trip, make sure to read our post on The best adventure tours in Puerto Vallarta.

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