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October 26, 2021

The exciting adventure of travelling on a cruise ship

We all love travelling, that’s for sure. Whether it be by air, land, or water, we look forward to visiting new places. And when travelling on a cruise ship, sailing into the vast ocean is something worth experiencing. The trip in itself is always exciting, let alone when you arrive at a port and explore its surroundings, and Puerto Vallarta is a great place for that. A beach destination by the Pacific with lush nature embraced by majestic mountains, with a vibrant town life filled with culture, gastronomy, adventure, and a real taste of Mexico.

Puerto Vallarta Cruices

So, having said that, a perfect way to arrive in Puerto Vallarta is by sea. Many cruise lines make Puerto Vallarta a “Port O’ Call”, docking at its Maritime Terminal which can receive more than one cruise ship at a time. Cruises are welcomed with Mariachi bands and can enjoy a wide array of activities that this enchanting town offers.

Puerto Vallarta Mariachi

For many years now, Puerto Vallarta has been receiving cruise ships coming from all corners of the world, from its main avenue locals and visitors are amazed by those enormous ships parked aside. We all know that for the last year and a half, cruise ships stopped their activities due to the global health situation, as all non-essential travel was banned in most tourist destinations.The future seemed uncertain, but hygiene measures adopted by all people in houses, offices and business and the availability of vaccines are changing the narrative for the better.

Cruices in Puerto Vallarta

At the peak of the pandemic, Puerto Vallarta joined the Humanitarian Bridges Program, which has been a success due to the seriousness, responsibility and solidarity. Puerto Vallarta developed a humanitarian response to help cruise ships deal with the difficult times they were experiencing. Cruise lines such as Oosterdam from the Holland America Cruise Line, and the Seven Seas Splendor and its 125-member crew were allowed to dock in the port until they could sail into the seas again.

Now the world is opening little by little and in Mexico all economic activities are slowly getting back on track. We are all starting to travel again, reviving our desire to visit new places and feeling safe due to the strict protocols being followed, especially in tourist destinations. We are very happy to announce that cruise ships are back in the water! Now cruise ships can apply for a COVID-19 conditional sailing certificate to allow them to sail again. Additionally, all cruise lines require that every guest take a COVID-19 test at the terminal before boarding and to be fully vaccinated. The maritime ports in Mexico have implemented and improved conditions to safely host cruise ships and their passengers.

Puerto Vallarta Covid

As cruise ships start arriving in Puerto Vallarta, they will still be greeted with the warmth and friendliness that characterizes this important port by the Pacific, but now passengers will tour in their bubble to avoid contact with the outside world. So, rest assured, you will be safe when visiting the surroundings and will be able to enjoy all that this port offers.

Some of the most popular cruise ship lines like Disney, Princess, Norwegian Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean, Holland America, Victory Cruise Lines are back and will be visiting Puerto Vallarta very soon. The legendary Carnival Cruise Line is back too. Before the pandemic, this cruise ship arrived in Puerto Vallarta every Wednesday for 30 years non-stop, and is returning to sail the seas and will now visit our port every Tuesday.

Time to pick your favorite line depending on the kind of trip you’re planning; we’re sure there is a cruise ship to fit your adventure. So think no further and come visit our beach destination soon!

We’ll be expecting you!


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