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November 26, 2021

Puerto Vallarta, the perfect destination for your winter holidays

Thinking of where to spend your winter holidays this year? How about a lush beach paradise embraced by majestic mountains, exotic jungle, and the cool breeze facing the Pacific Ocean? A town filled with history, charm, a real taste of Mexico, and a vibrant lifestyle to suit every travelers’ taste? Yes! Think no further, come visit Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is the perfect destination for your upcoming winter holidays. We all want to get away from the cold winters and spend our holidays in a place with perfect weather. During the winter months the temperatures in Puerto Vallarta range between 62°F and 81°F (17°C and 27°C), so you’ll enjoy days of sun and cool breeze, warm and balmy without humidity and hardly any rainfall like in the summer months. So, don’t worry, you won’t need to pack your coats and jackets, on the other hand, swimsuits and light clothes are what you’ll wear once you’re here.

This winter, after experiencing a global health situation that affected everyone, restrictions are slowly being lifted, travelling is finally taking back its usual pace, and people from cold places, especially Canada, are able to travel again. Many airlines are back in the skies, and many direct and connecting flights from Canada and the US are returning to Puerto Vallarta, so you can enjoy this paradise that has it all. Make sure to check out our note on travel routes* to Puerto Vallarta from Canada, the US, and Europe. 

Hotels are back to their regular capacity, still following strict guidelines and protocols to ensure your safety. Restaurants are operating at 90% of their capacity, and bars, clubs, and casinos will be operating at 75% of their maximum capacity. While in town, you can help us ensure everyone’s safety by still wearing a mask, using hand sanitizer, and keeping a social distance when possible. 

Winter days in this beach destination can be enjoyed fully, as the days are long due to the geographical proximity with the Equator. There is lots to do in the outdoors, including hikes, ecotourismextreme adventures, boat rides, swimming with wild dolphins and of course, sunny days by the beach sipping your favorite refreshing drink or cocktail. Choose one or many beaches to visit during your stay! 

Locals are more than happy to welcome every visitor to Puerto Vallarta. After the long, hot, summer months where most people in town take a rest, The Friendliest City in the World is recharged and ready during the winter months to receive tourists and visitors, and there are many events happening around town. You can enjoy the town’s rich culture and history during your holidays, and also visit nearby towns that have a lot to offer. 

Some of the events that you can enjoy during this time of year are:

Whale-watching season

Puerto Vallarta whale-watching

Which takes place from December thru March. Experience the magic of humpback whales as they arrive to our coasts to give birth to their young. An activity to definitely add to your bucket list during your winter holidays in Puerto Vallarta! Make sure to take a certified tour so you can make the most of this activity whilst protecting the seas and these magnificent mammals. 

Farmers’ Markets season

Puerto Vallarta Farmer's markets

The perfect time to get souvenirs of your trip directly from the producer, savor delicious local and international delights, and enjoy live music and make new friends! There are two amazing markets in town you just have to visit. Olas Altas Farmers' Market, Saturdays from 9am to 2pm, and Art and Market Marina Vallarta, Thursdays from 6 to 10pm. These markets in Puerto Vallarta run from November thru April, so make sure to visit them all! 


Fishing and sailing tournaments.

Puerto Vallarta fishing torunamentsThe most important fishing and sailing tournaments in town take place during the winter months, so if you just love these kinds of events, make sure to check them out and join in!


Gastronomic events

Puerto Vallarta gastronomic events

We all love to pamper our palates, especially when we’re on holidays. And Puerto Vallarta is the perfect place for that, as it is the Second Gastronomic Capital in Mexico and many culinary events take place during the winter months. International events such as the Festival Gourmet International, as well as smaller events in renowned restaurants around town. Take a look at our restaurant directory to know what's happening during your stay. 


Sporting events

Puerto Vallarta sporting games

Puerto Vallarta is known for various sporting events throughout the year, and during the winter months you can also enjoy some of them, like the Urban Trail Vallarta or the Color Race. Take a look at our list of events to find out exact dates and make sure to attend! 


End of year events

Puerto Vallarta end of the year

We all like to spend the end of year in a special place doing something special right? Well, Puerto Vallarta has many events taking place for the end of year all around town, especially in restaurants and hotels.

These are just some of the reasons why Puerto Vallarta is the perfect destination for your winter holidays. Time to start planning and packing your bags, because we’ll be ready and thrilled to welcome you!

Happy travels! 

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